Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Before Blogging...

Many, many years ago, before I knew about blogging, I started a journal for my then-future kids. (Yes, I was that weird, and I won't get into that here, but that journal today is 185 pages in Word.)  Anyway, tonight, I looked to that journal for blog material and found plenty.

In case you are a parent of young children, putting off that journal you'll start writing one day, this should encourage you to get on it. [I also think it would be a wonderful treasure for a grandparent to write.]

For this post, I'm only going to include quotes from Kyle's journal (the kids each have their own, with some overlapping parts, but lots of individual entries).

8-1-96  [age 4]
On the way home from the dentist, we were talking, and I asked you, “What’s your favorite body part?”    You replied, “My head.”  I thought to myself, “Oh, how clever.  Will he say he likes his brain, his smile?” I then asked, “What do you like about it?”  You responded, “I like how snot comes out of it!”  

10-7-96 [Age 4.  Pretty funny, considering Kyle is a major car freak, today, and he reads my blog, so I'm sure this will crack him up again!]

Last week when we were watching TV, you said “Dad, I bet you wish you had one of those cars!”  Your dad replied, “You bet I do!”  Moments later, you said, “I sure would like to have an ‘oatmeal-beal’”  “Huh??” I said.  Your dad said,”You mean an “Oldsmobile?”  “Yeah!” you replied.  

6-11-97 [age 5]
Today you asked me, “Mom, are there any dead animals that went to heaven?”  I said, “Yes, I think so.”  You then said, “Can you talk in heaven?”  I said that I wasn’t sure, but I thought so.  You replied, “Good, cuz I like to talk!” 

9-24-98 [age 6]
The other night, as you were preparing for bed, you said, “I think I would rather be a kid when I die.”  I asked why.  You replied, “I don’t really know what heaven would be like for grownups.”   

4-1-99 [Age 7]
On the homefront, you touched my heart deeply yesterday with something you said.  You called me into the bathroom to draw my attention to a plaque that we have hanging on the wall. It’s called “How to REALLY love a child,” and has some delightful ways to have fun with kids.  You said to me, “Mommy, you don’t need that.  You already know how to love a child.  You love me.  And I love you.” Melted my heart...

7-19-99 [Age 7]
For some reason, Kyle, I love you even more at the age you are now.  I love your enthusiasm for things, your curiosity, the way you think and reason.  You are delightful.  You are also a very good boy.  We are proud of you.  Love, Mom

7-1-02  [Age 9, After picking him up from a week at summer camp]
I am so proud of the wonderful young man you are becoming.  I will never forget seeing you run up to us as we met your bus from camp.  Your hair had bleached out, your eyes were so bright, and your smile was from ear to ear.  The hug you gave me was the best; so full of energy and love.  When we got in the car, you said again how thirsty you were.  I said I was sorry that I did not have a drink for you, but I did have something else.  I handed you a big bowl of freshly picked/cleaned strawberries (one of your favorites.)  You looked at me and, full of feeling said, “I love you.”  Again, priceless.  Thank you for being such a gift.

7-1-02 [Age 10]
Today, you asked me what "molestation" is.  Carefully, I explained that it is when someone touches someone's private parts, etc. You replied, thoughtfully, "Oh. So it's like monsterbation, then." (Needless to say, the conversation didn't end there.)

8-19-02 Incidentally, we had a little “sex talk” last night.  I wanted to make sure you feel comfortable asking questions.  You asked, “If you think making babies is gross, can you just adopt a baby from China or something?”

3-31-06 [age 14]
Last week, you flew into my classroom and said, “NOTHING could make me get in a bad mood today!!!”  I said, “Who is she?” You replied that you had just asked A.P. to the 8th grade dance, and she said yes. You were on cloud nine.

8-16-09 [Age 17, last post]
You bought your first car this week, a red 1994 Honda Accord with 169,000 miles on it, and you are understandably very happy. (Well, except for the learning a stick part—Whenever you come in the house after practicing, you have a little scowl on your face. It makes me smile, because I know you will one day be glad you learned how to drive a stick, even if it’s frustrating right now.)

Reading these again really made me smile...

Guess it's time I updated that journal!


  1. "I like to talk" <--that is priceless.

    The ones about the plaque is so so sweet!!

    "can you just adopt a baby from China?" <----such a great 10 year old boy comment!

    Thanks for the peek into the journal.

  2. What a precious gift that journal is for you and your kids! That is such a neat way to remember all the priceless moments. Thanks for sharing! It sounds like Kyle's a little pistol with a heart of gold!

  3. What a thoughtful way of recording wonderful moments. That is quite a treasure and keepsake for both of you. I have to say that even though he's not my child, it made me smile just to read these.

    I think he will really enjoy reading that journal when he's a parent himself.

  4. What a priceless treasure you have here. That is such great idea for parents to do! Guess you're missing Kyle a bit?

  5. A lot of what I had in mind when I started my blog was to use it as a way to write about the things my granddaughter, then age 4 and just beginning a special ed pre-school program, did and said. And that worked fairly well -sometimes. I forgot that I often forget to write things down when they happen and then I forget completely about everything. Or so it often seems. But I have continued -when I remember these things -to try to keep a little thread running in my blog as much as possible of things the grandkids do and say. Just don't remember to do that enough though. Really enjoyed reading these excepts about Kyle though. Kids really do -and say -the darnedest things though, don't they?

  6. WAH! I want one of those! It made me tear up - how quick they grow up.

  7. It's never too late, and honestly, I think the fact that anyone (mom, dad, grandparent, aunt/uncle) would take the time to do something like this would be very much appreciated by any kid. Jeni, I thought of your blog when I was putting this post together and had the same thought; your grandkids will treasure it so much when they're old enough to appreciate it.

    Karen, yes, we do miss him, of course, but with today's technology (love texting!) it doesn't sting as much :) (Well, that and the fact that he's not far away helps :)

    Mrs.Ski, you hit the nail on the head! :)

  8. Too cute! I think you are missing your boy! Time to make some cake and have him home for dinner!

  9. Those are priceless! I really, really wish I had done that with my boys.

  10. New thought: When Lydia is just a couple of years older, she needs to meet Kyle. IRL. Then, a few years later, after they've married and had a baby, you could start a little diary for our shared grandchild. Think about it.

  11. I think you are missing your son too.
    The holidays will be here before you know it.
    I wrote a letter to each of my kids the day they were born and wrote one to my adopted daughter the day she became my foster child at age 9 and the day she became my daughter at age 11. I didn't do separate journals for them; I just did one. I really wish I had separated them.
    The grand children, I started journals for each of them and it is overwhelming at times (cause there are 11 of them) but I want each of them to know how I felt about them even before they were born.
    Hmmm..couldn't you just get a child from China..that comment made me grin ear to ear because my #12 is a little girl from China and I really may have to learn patience waiting for her :)

  12. Just stopped by from "Just a Thought" and so glad I did. What a cute, cute, smile producing entry. So great that you have been journaling for so long. What a treasure!

    Will definitely be dropping back by. Blessings to you!

  13. This is so awesome I have a "journal but it is my very private blog...I am a typer not a writer

  14. That is so neat that you have all of that written down. I love it!

  15. Those were great stories. Thanks for sharing...

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  17. those are really nice..i try to hold onto my kids conversations here and there..

  18. I love it Barb. I keep a notebook to write things that Tanner says or does. You reminded me that I should put it in a more convenient place instead of the top of the refrigerator:) Lisa

  19. That calls for a great big, "AAWWWW"!

    Those are hilarious - and so adorable!


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