Thursday, November 11, 2010

Friday Fragments, Episode #120

It's Friday!!!!!!!!!!!
Let the fragging commence! 

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I survived strep throat this week. On my sick day today, while googling, I learned that historians now believe that Mozart died (age 35) of complications due to strep throat. On Tuesday night, I got a glimpse of what that might have been like; I had no idea how painful strep throat is, having never had it before. (You have no idea how often you swallow until you can't do it without excruciating pain.) I am very, very grateful for antibiotics and am feeling 100% better just 24 hours after my first dose.

 Kendall grabbed a banana for breakfast and ate it in the car on the way to school today. "You know what I really hate about high school? All of the sudden, bananas are dirty; you can't eat a banana in school without somebody making a sick comment."

Caution is always good for a laugh, isn't she?
I was behind in my Favorite Friday Fragmenter award, so I'm going back a week or two here for this one...

We need to finish on a positive note, so .... kudos to family dynamics that make us smile:
this morning's example was our 8 year old boy who said just as he left for school,
"Oh, I can't leave until I say good-bye!"
I smiled and held out my arms, but the boy turned the other way and walked toward the dog." 

Thanks, Caution. I hope you've built a closet for all of these awards!

To those fragmenters I missed last week, I hope to catch up soon! 

It's very easy to enter my What Think Ye of Christmas book giveaway. Take a couple of minutes to enter here. Giveaway ends Sunday.

My Favorite Post this week was my Difference Makers Magic post, which I plan to link up on Saturday Sampling (set to publish at 9pm central time Friday night.)  Have you checked SS out lately? There are so many great posts there. Link up your own or just enjoy the many offerings; it's a treat.

I found a very, very good book this week. It's called Socially Curious and Curiously Social, by Michelle Garcia-Winner and Pamela Crooke. This book is a must-read for any teen or young adult on the autism spectrum (or struggling to understand unwritten social rules).  Anyone who works with such young adults needs to read the book, as well.

Guess what? My brother's step-son just found out that the "new guy" he worked with recently was actually the CEO of the company he works for!  Yup, he will be on an upcoming Undercover Boss show!  (Their cover story was that they were doing a story on "green" companies; Rich works for a company that recycles waste products.)  I don't know many of the details except that the episode will be airing in January or February. Rich has a "larger-than-life" type personality, so I'm sure he will come off as quite a character on the show.
Remember how handsome Kenny Rogers was, back in the day?

Is anyone else as sad as I am that he completely ruined his good looks with plastic surgery?
Why, Kenny? Why?
Please take my mind off of Kenny's scary, scary eyes by leaving your FRIDAY FRAGMENTS post here, and don't be afraid to nominate some of the favorite frags you come across as you browse! :)


  1. cool thing about your nephew being on TV.
    Your throat - have you had your wisdom teeth taken out? Can be worse.
    thanks for the FF feature

  2. 1. First you get a chance to work on an Extreme Makeover house and now a relative was part of Undercover Boss. I won't even talk about the fact that you get to go to the Packers games! :) I love being thisclose to your fame!

    2. Strep? ugh, that's so nasty. I'm grateful that the antibiotics worked so quickly. I hope you bounce back quickly, too.

    3. Loved that fragment from Caution! Thanks for the reminder, now I've laughed twice on that one.

    4. Oprah had both Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers on a while back and I was just sick seeing those two beautiful people with unnatural faces. It's so sad.

    Kristin - The Goat

  3. Really? Kenny? I would never have guessed.
    I'm glad you are feeling better.
    Very cool about Undercover Boss. I like that show, need to catch up on episodes since I've been working Sunday night, and it is always out of "whack" because of football!
    I loved your post about Difference Makers - Kudos to you all!

  4. I mourn the loss of Kenny Rogers' face too. Why Kenny? Seriously, you gotta know when to fold 'em.

  5. Sorry to hear you had strep! I've had it many times, and it is painful. I did not even recognize Kenny. Wow.

  6. I used to love Kenny he looks like a surprised wax shadow of his old self. SO scary!

    So sorry you had strep, and I'm so glad you're feeling better!

  7. Thanks for the reminder about the giveaway. I just entered. Hope you're feeling better and so sorry that gazing upon Kenny's new (AWFUL) look can't help you feel better. Speaking of relatives on 5yo niece recorded a video on my sister's iPhone that is now slated for AFV sometime in the New Year. That is my brush with fame...

  8. Wow, that Strep is going around. I posted about my daughter having it. Glad you're feeling better!

  9. Sorry to hear you've been sick. Starbucks Refreshe tea is great for colds. The banana "story" - ummm, yeah things for some reason change in highschool - ahh, to be young again. Kenny doesn't quite look himself anymore however, I think there were some complications with the surgery...

  10. Not only is strep painful but dangerous and can lead to scarlet fever which can lead to heart damage. Glad you're being treated.

    One of the times I've felt sickest in my life is when I had a massive strep A infection in the throat that caused pain up one side of my neck up into the muscles at the back of my head.

    Let your family take care of you.


  11. oh gosh, I am glad you got onto the strep early. I have had it a few times and it is cruel. Last year they nearly hospitalised me I was so bad for 3 weeks, despite many penicillin shots. I wouldn't wish it on anyone.
    I can't believe Kenny has done that! how gross!

  12. I'm glad to hear the strep is retreating under the onslaught of antibiotics.

    I loved that Difference Makers post this week, I got distracted by something else and never commented but I meant to tell you how wonderful I think what you're doing is. :-)

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  13. Oh my gosh - I just had Strep for the first time this year and it was HORRIBLE! I couldn't believe it! (Then of course hubby and one of my kids got it too...)

    Happy Friday

  14. Strep has been going around here too... knock on wood - I've never had it! whew!

    Oh my - Kenny Rogers... i'm scared

  15. Strep is horrible, having had about a month ago. Antibiotics are wonderful things. I lost eight pounds because I didn't want to swallow. Enough said. :) OH, and the older you get, the worse you react to strep -- or so my doctor told me.

    I couldn't agree more about Kenny Rogers. I know some people have issues growing older but DAMN. It's kinda scary.

  16. Thanks, darlin', for that award. That is comes from you is even more lovely!

    Kendall is right. It doesn't get any better in college either. Then again, in my neighborhood, people in their 40's are still making the same comments. They might even live in this house.

    The first time we saw the new Kenny on tv, we thought it was an impersonator. Aack! Like Kristin, I saw Dolly recently and wondered how she could even move her enhanced lips.

  17. Thank goodness you are well. Strep is horrible. I always feel so sorry for little kids who have to suffer that pain. I am so glad you are better.
    Kenny Rogers doesn't look like the same man anymore. He could have aged gracefully and been pretty darn sexy. Too bad.

  18. Sorry to hear you had strep! That is no fun at all.
    We recently had a "banana incident". High schoolers are dumb. They are real dumb!
    We LOVE Undercover boss! Can't wait to see the "green" episode!
    Hope you feel better!

  19. That's cool about Undercover Boss!
    I'm glad you're feeling better. Strep throat is awful.
    Thanks for the book recommendation. Someone very near and dear to my heart has ASD and I will definitely be reading this book.

  20. I am SOOOOO sad Kenny destroyed his looks with plastic surgery. He looks so BAD now..and practically unrecognizable. Sad, sad, sad

  21. Yup- Kenny just doesn't look the same...

    But after so many years, who does :-)

  22. Wow. I think I will have nightmares about the Kenney pictures. O.M.G. What a waste!

  23. In Kenny's defense - he isn't happy with how he looks. I don't remember where I saw the interview with him, but he doesn't like it.

    My question still is why do anything in the first place. Why are we so resistant to growing old? And why do we all want to look like each other?

  24. We've all been really sick here too, but not strep. It's more of a horrible coughy cold. Ugh! Hope everyone is feeling better soon.

    I don't understand plastic surgery. It's totally obvious so what is the point?

  25. I'm so thankful I haven't had strep since I got my tonsils out in high school. I used to have it multiple times per year and it is HORRIBLE... so feel better ASAP!

    I've been loving your posts about the Difference Makers. It makes me feel all warm and squishy inside!

  26. awww strep throat? I hope you feel better, I have had that before, sucks! :(

    and yeah kenny rogers looks pretty scary!

  27. I'm back. Thanks for that tidbit on Mozart. That's kinda crazy. That's cool about the Undercover Boss thing. So when is your family getting its own reality show?

  28. Sorry about the Strep. Happy for quick recovery!

    I'm back after being gone way too long! Thanks for having this as a great way to visit and catch up... I'll be hopping later today.

    We watch that undercover boss sometimes... look forward to seeing what your brother's step son does!

  29. Yep, I've had strep throat and the swallowing was unbearable. I know how you feel. Glad to hear you're feeling better though.

    I remember the post by Caution. That was quite funny.

    Kenny looks like he's on his death bed. ACK

    And yes, I saw the TV previews about that episode. If your brother's step-son is in the show, you'll have to let us know.

  30. Bless your heart, that strep is certainly no party!

    Kenny...I'm sayin'!!!

    Friday's are always so much fun over her.

    God bless ya and have a super weekend...get well sweetie!

  31. Glad you are feeling better! Have a wonderful weekend!

  32. Just thought you would like to know that it has been several hours since I last commented but Kenny's creepy eyes are still bugging me... why? is the understatement of the year... it is so awful!!

  33. Totally feel your pain with the strep and Kenny Rogers. I wish people would just grow old gracefully. Reba is looking very streeetccched these days too.
    I love Undercover Boss, how exciting!!

  34. Undercover Boss is a great show - I haven't seen it in a while - how exciting that your nephew is on there!
    I totally agree with your assessment about Kenny there ... I remember the first time I saw him in a long time thinking "Who is that...." and then "whyyyyyy???)

    Strep is nasty - hope your recover wasn't too long!

  35. No way! that is so not Kenny Rogers! Who let that man near a knife?????? Whatever happened to growing old gracefully???? I am so very saddened too!

  36. Strep throat for me is a living hell. I never have felt as awful as when I have had strep.

  37. Ok dumb me, but what's scary about his eyes?

    And strep? I've never had it and been exposed so much... I convinced myself I'm just immune. Now? I'm not so sure. Great. ;)

  38. I always thought Kenny was quite handsome. I loved the movie 6 Pack, as bad as it was. Now...yikes!

    Strep is making its way around here, too. Thank goodness for the age of antibiotics! (now be sure to finish the course!!)

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