Tech Tips

Over the years, I've posted numerous blog posts related to the subject of technology. This is a page dedicated to those posts, as I hope to add many more. I hope you find it helpful. Let me know if you'd like me to cover a particular topic, and I'll do my best to oblige!

Tour of Google+ (stay tuned for an update this summer!)

Kerpoof, StoryBirds, and Google Labs
Tech Tuesday: Teach Parents Tech, iPhone Tips & Tricks, Miscellaneous Apps for iPad/iPod

Cracking the Code (about QR codes)
The Shift (21st Century Skills in Education)

Wolfram Alpha, 100 Tech Blogs for Teachers, Delicious, Prezi
TodaysMeet (simple tool for real-time collaboration on-line)

Video Tutorials:
How to Add Your Location to a Google Map


  1. I recall (possibly incorrectly) that you had a post about the no-reply email and how to fix that. I'll be darn if I can figure out how to do it. I'm sure it's simple and sometimes I miss the obvious. Let me know if your techy self knows how to so this. Thanks!!!

    1. Thanks for the email. I don't know who posted it. Hmmm. Anyway, your link worked!!! Thanks a bunch!!


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