More on Mom

Since Mom's been such a popular part of my blog, I figured I'd set aside a special page, just for links to posts/info relating to her. (I'll still post them on my home page, but will also put them here.) Who knows? Maybe I'll even let her guest post one day! (But that would be dangerous; give this woman a stage, and she can get pretty crazy.) Let's just take baby steps for now...

Here are Half-Past Kissin' Time posts about my mom, Elsie, with tags in parentheses and stars on my personal favorites. Please note that many of these posts have lost their comments (I don't know how to retrieve them!)

**The Origin of My Blog's Title

Sheep Thrills
Mrs. Murphy's Chowder Song
Stepping Out with Mom
Mothers Day Humor
Spooky Grandma
Racy Reading
Winning, 50's Style
Mom's Old-School Anti-Bullying Program
Elsie's Dream
After 80+ Birthdays, You'd Think She'd Be Sick of Getting Presents!
Angry Birds Fun (video, grandmas learn how to play A.B.)
Mom's Super Bowl Victory Song (an original!)
In Case You Need to Laugh (Elvis, revisited)
Missing Mom? (Election Day)
Sometimes, You'd Just Rather Starve (video, humor)
How My Mom Took an Army Soldier Out (humor)
Mom and Her Magnetism (aging, humor)
Reflections on a Clean Basement

Happy Birthday to Me (traditions, birthdays, sentimentality, moms)
Well, There is One More Thing (humor, surgery)
What Some Little Old Ladies Have on Their Ipods (music, sentimental, sweet)
Scenes from the Recovery Bed (sweet, humor, surgery)
She's Going Under the Knife (surgery, well wishes)
Sundays in My City (tradition, photos, humor)
Thousand Words Thursday (photos, sisters, fun)
Stories from the Road (travel, childhood memories, humor)
Operator? I'd Like to Make a Collect Call (humor, doctor appt)
Good Thing She's Not Driving (aging, humor)
**One Good Turn (love, marriage, missing Dad)
My Mom is Crazy (But in a Good Way) (video, performing, singing)
**Thousand Words Thursday (sisters, photos, humor)
Wordless Wednesday (photos, grandmas, grandkids)
Celebrating Mom (80th birthday, photos, party recap)
**My Momma Don't Dance (sweet, music, flirting)
Another Sweet Memory (childhood memories, Halloween, treats)
Thousand Words Thursday (lessons, Great Depression, video, outlook on life)
Farm Girl Fun! (childhood memories, sisters, circus, fun)
Gram's Best Friend (pets, friendship)
Weekly Winners (photos, broken arm)
Not Sure Who to Vote For? How About My Mom?! (video, singing, humor)
Happy Birthday, Mom! (photos, birthday)
**Forever Young at Heart (birthdays, traditions, outlook on life)
Need a Good Laugh? (humor, aging, music)
Elsie Mae, the Arp?! (movies, humor)
**Oh, My Stars and Garters! (humor, momisms, Christmas)
**Snoman Fun (motherhood, childhood memories, winter, snow)
Tis the Season (cooking, baking, Christmas, traditions)
**Christmas Memories (childhood memories, Christmas, motherhood)
A Favorite Gift (reading, Christmas)