Monday, July 28, 2014

All-Pet Wrestling!

Here's how two-year-old Milo and our new kitten are doing lately.


Since ragdoll cats (when neutered) tend to be large (15+ pounds), Milo may be in for some trouble down the road; I'm glad they're establishing a friendship now!

[Steve's coming along, too, but he's too big to rough-house with Ted.]

Saturday, July 26, 2014

OMG--Cutest Thing Ever

Sixteen seconds of awwwww!

Right now, it has 1903 views. I'll bet that skyrockets in no time!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Friday Fragments: Episode #311

Half-Past Kissin' Time

What a relaxing week! I've had the house to myself and have gotten back into the eat-healthy-and- exercise mode, and it feels great. That doesn't mean my mind is exorcised of randomness, though, so it's time for Friday Fragments, the perfect place to unload the bits and pieces of your week that didn't quite make it into posts and are too small to stand-alone as posts.
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What do you think of Al Yankovic's latest video about grammar errors? Personally, I wish he hadn't made demeaning comments in it toward people who make grammatical mistakes; of course, I see it from a special ed teacher's point of view, and remarks like "Get out of the gene pool" "Go back to preschool" etc. wreck it for me; there's no way I'd play that in school.

Why Ten Percent of the Population Hates Cilantro is an interesting article; here I thought people who hated cilantro were just being picky.

We very much enjoyed spending time with Kyle and Alayna last weekend. We just chilled (with our three extra children, two dogs, one cat, and five adults--holy cow!) The best part was after we dropped the kids off at camp (sorry you missed this, Kendall) and Kyle and Alayna cooked dinner for me and Mr.4444! We loved the Butternut Squash Soup (the recipe to which Kyle added fresh ginger) and open-faced French Bread with homemade pesto, ham, and cheeses! YUM


We are loving this little sweetie; he's gentle, loving, affectionate, and vocal. Milo and Ted are becoming great buddies. Steve, too, has chilled out for the most part (but still wants to chase him). Because Steve is so much bigger and heavier than Ted, we have to watch him closely; he could easily hurt Ted accidentally.

Sadly, when Kendall was home last weekend, she did nothing but sneeze; I fear she is allergic to Ted. She is allergic to cats but we always had cats when she was growing up, and she didn't have a problem tolerating them. We've found that she's not allergic to all cats, and since she did spend time in a friend's house with two cats one of the nights she was home, we're all hoping it wasn't Ted she was reacting to. Seriously...I'm praying she's not allergic to Ted.

We had a scare on Sunday; Ted fell from our loft above our living room. I had no idea he was up there (where I didn't want him) and no idea that he would try to jump from such a height (about nine feet) or maybe he just fell, walking among the spindles of the railing. Regardless, I freaked out. Fortunately, he didn't break anything, though the vet said he probably had a concussion, since he slept a lot afterwards. 

I'm giving away three copies of The Most Magnificent Thing, a great children's book I reviewed this week with the help of my great nieces and nephew. 

Speaking of our visitors, check out the cute little doghouse the girls made for Milo. This week, they're at camp with Kendall (and Cousin Caden). We're picking them up tomorrow; I can't wait to hear all about their adventures!

That about covers it for me! How about you? LInk up your FRIDAY FRAGMENTS link below, make some new friends, and say hi to the old (old friends, that is!).

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Child Labor of Love

Our houseguests are ages nine, ten, and eleven. The girls (9 and 10) love to play with Milo and Steve, since they don't have pets at home. They also love to create, as evidenced by the hours spent on a project for Milo. Vanna asked for supplies, which I told her where to find and then let her do her thing, for hours, out on our deck.

She cut, painted, finger-knitted, and drew. 
Later, her sister joined her, and the work continued into the next day.
The result was a doghouse for Milo, complete with a picket fence in the back yard

and some grass to play in.

[A nice pair of scissors was sacrificed for this project; I think it was worth it.] 

The front door looked very inviting,

though the sign clearly made this house an exclusive one.

They presented it to Milo, who posed with them at the big "reveal."

It contained a very cozy bed,

which can be placed for outdoor lounging, beneath the sun shade

While I'm sure he appreciated the gesture very much, 
Milo was more interested in potentially getting a treat 
(He associates my camera with treats.haha)

He couldn't be persuaded to enter his new digs,

but someone else was, later; apparently Ted can't read.

Don't tell Milo!

Mostly-Wordless Wednesday

On Tuesday, some of our family members went to Bay Beach Amusement Park, a tiny, charming Green Bay landmark. While taking refuge in the pavilion, I noticed that my nephews' watches looked a lot like my mom's magnetic bracelet and teased that they seemed to be taking after her. Although they didn't say so, I'm pretty certain they appreciated the reference, because they then happily posed for this shot. I call it Use the Force.