Thursday, September 18, 2014

Friday Fragments: Episode #319

Half-Past Kissin' Time

I'm calling in sick on writing a fragment intro this week. If you're already a pro, I know you'll forgive me. If this is your first time fragmenting, please click on the FF tab above.


**Do you like shopping at Target? Do you ever buy their store brand, "up and up"? I do, so when I saw Getting Personal with Target Up and Up giveaway for a $100 Target gift card, I checked it out! Blogging about the giveaway earns me one more entry, hence this fragment. I also entered with Keeping My House on the Up and Up's giveaway post. These ladies sure are go-getters!

**Speaking of ladies, I found the message of the article Why I Want My Sons to See Me Naked to be thoughtful and powerful. I highly recommend it.

**I wrote these fragments earlier in the week. Unfortunately I am just not up for writing any more fragments today. I had therapy today and it completely wore me out. In fact, my loyal secretary Kyle is typing this out right now (and I am fully clothed, in case anyone is wondering). I look forward to catching up with your fragments at a later date. Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I Have No Doubt

So proud to see this posted by Kendall on Facebook:

She recently shared a simple explanation of her more-refined major:
Bio-products Engineering.

It's a great time for girls in STEM studies!
If you're interested in the subject of girls and women in engineering in the context of American culture, check out the following TED talk:

Inspiring the next generation of female engineers: Debbie Sterling

It's really great.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sundays in My City, for the Next Four+ Months

Unknown Mami
Of course, the grass will be snow-covered before too long, my sling will be gone one week from now, and my Packers gear will be long-sleeved, but for the next four months or so, this is what Sundays will look like at our house, in my city of Green Bay.


 who hosts this weekly photo meme of scenes from around the globe.

What a Difference a Day Makes

"Digging? What digging? Who was digging?"

"Please don't tell Aunt Michelle...."

[the Aunt Michelle who came over last week 
to help me bathe and groom Milo since I am still one-armed.]

Update: Here's Milo the next day :)

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Friday Fragments: Episode #318

Half-Past Kissin' Time

I have been so busy this week that I only just ten minutes ago realized that it's Thursday night; that is the BEST feeling in the world! Welcome to FRIDAY FRAGMENTS!!!! Here's my randomness tonight:

I'm not getting a lot done at home at night, but I am fortunately keeping up at school during the day without a problem, in spite of my rotator cuff recovery still in process. There was one exception, when a muscle spasm in my upper back locked me up for a couple of hours. I feel very blessed to have a nurturing coworker who kindly worked the knot out for me and saved my day.

This year, I have a wonderful group of students on my spec ed caseload; it's remarkable. Today, for example, the last five students to leave my room at the end of the day thanked me and said "Goodbye, Mrs.4444!" before I could even reply. Seriously; that's remarkable, and I love it.

Oddly enough, I've had time to post more than usual this week. Heard in the Classroom includes a glimpse into the middle school this week. Earlier today, I shared an adorable letter that a sixth grade boy wrote to his future self. I even had a chance to participate in the Wednesday Hodgepodge and to build The KISS Principle DIY Cat Tent, a cute little hideout for this little stinker.

Or should I say big stinker (Yes, he still has very bad gas, though it is improving, I think.)
This cat's gas is so bad that Mr.4444 is tempted to take him to deer camp with him,
just to impress the guys. I am now feeding him a pro-biotic, in addition to grain-free cat food.
I think we'll know for sure within a week if it's really working.

Yesterday I received this random text from my 22-year-old son.

My sister Mary texted yesterday, too, to see if she could come over and do some cleaning for me,
knowing I'm still one-arming things around here.
Because I can put my clothes on and take my clothes off but cannot fold anything,
my closet looked worse than a library after a catastrophic earthquake.
Mary knows that an organized closet is important to a woman's sanity,
and now, because of her, I am closer to sanity than I was before :)
She also made an amazing Caesar Salad for dinner AND vacuumed my living room!
I am so lucky.

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