Saturday, April 25, 2015

$100 Cash Giveaway

Mr.4444 and I would like to do something to help raise support for his cousin Mitch's family. Mitch's daughter Kailyn had a devastating aerial skiing accident while competing at nationals and is currently a new patient at Craig Hospital in Colorado, working her way back to health. We plan to make a donation to the family's fundraising page, but I thought a giveaway here could also make a difference. There are several ways to enter to win the $100 cash prize. Most involved helping get the word out. If you've already done some of them, that works; simply enter the info needed in the appropriate Rafflecopter boxes below.

Giveaway ends at midnight on May 15th. Good luck!

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Thanks for making a difference!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Friday Fragments: Episode #350

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Friday Fragments is the best place to kick back and unwind from your busy week, a place to also unload the randomness that clutters your mind so that you can enter the weekend unfettered.
Thanks for being here.
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Let's get fragging!

*I decided I'd better change my header, thinking we'd seen the last of snow for a long while, but then we got some snow yesterday--crazy! The photo was taken by my friend Molly in 2005, when we went hiking together in Washington State, and it makes me very, very happy. Kyle, Kendall, and I are flying out there in June so that I can finally introduce them to one of my all-time favorite vacation destinations. I can't wait!

*I'm typing this on a new laptop, and the learning curve is huge. I'm not complaining, though, of course.

*Quote from a student who was trying (unsuccessfully) to wear me down, whining, arguing, threatening to walk out, rather than just sitting down and getting to work in study hall: "I wouldn't have to act like this if you would just let me do what I wanna do!" Really, kid? Too funny; I told him that one was going on my blog, since it was so hilarious!

*Kailyn is doing better! She's been upgraded from C7 A to C8 B, which is great news. Kailyn finally made it into a wheelchair after two weeks of lying in bed! Visit her YouCaring page to learn more about Kailyn's story. Also, I'm going to be hosting a giveaway with  a very nice prize for those who help get the word out and/or donate. I'll let you know when that goes up.

*I've heard the song All of Me (John Legend) many, many times, of course. However, until this week, I'd never really paid attention to the words, and when I did, I found myself choking back tears! I feel that kind of love from Mr.4444 and don't take it for granted; it's a blessing to still be in love after 31 years together. We're going out for a romantic birthday (mine) dinner Saturday night--One more thing to look forward to.

How about you? Looking forward to anything in particular? 

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Thinking of Kailyn

I recently shared that Mr.4444's cousin's daughter had a terrible ski accident, that critically damaged Kailyn's C7 vertebra and left her with very minimal feeling below her chest. They live in Colorado, and we can't stop thinking about Kailyn. Kyle and I are channeling some of our energy into helping with social media coordination and getting the word out about the Caring for Kailyn website. I've read all of the comments that have arrived so far and am moved by the heartfelt energy being sent Kailyn's way. Here are some of the comments shared so far, from both strangers, as well as family and friends:
Prayers to you and your family! Kailyn is such an incredible athlete - gotta love the heart that goes into a girl who competes in football against the boys! She's always impressed me. Get well soon Kailyn!

Be Strong, Stay Strong! Good luck in your recovery and stay positive Kailyn. There's more power in the mind than what many think and it can help you heal, deal, and pull through when times are tough. It's no secret that you're one tough girl. Thinking of you and your wonderful family... T&V

I don't know you and you don't know me. But skiers have each others backs no matter what. I was there competing when it happened and instantly my heart sank when I saw it. I believe in you.

Our son was in class with you, Kailyn, at VSSA [vail ski and snowboard academy]. He's told us about the kind of person you are. There's no doubt in our minds that your strength and the faith of all who surround you will be a strong force in your favor.
Learned about your struggle through Impact United Soccer in SLC, UT. I'm sorry your adventurous life has taken a dramatic detour. I hope your drive and passion help you regain your strength. There is always hope!

Kailyn, Take that same grit and determination that has taken you to the top of your sport and apply it to your recovery. I hope you can feel everyone lifting you up and giving you strength. We are all with you...  

Dear Kailyn, You don't know us but when I read your story I couldn't help but see my eight year old daughter Kailey. You remind me so much of her and it is girls like yourself that inspire her and pave the way for other girls to reach their dreams. I have no doubt that your competitive spirit and ability to dream big will pull you through this. You can do this! Sending love and healing prayers

So far, the fundraising page has raised an impressive $48,000! That will put a small dent in what's sure to be a mountainous debt for Kailyn's long-term care. Fortunately, a beautiful man/contractor has volunteered to remodel Kailyn's dad's home, and his suppliers, too, are donating materials and labor. Isn't that wonderful? They can use all the help they can get; I hope you'll consider liking and/or sharing the Facebook page; exposure is great, and you can read about the progress Kailyn's making so far.

The world is full of loving people, thank goodness.

Thanks for caring enough to read this; it means a lot! Have a love-filled day :)

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Friday Fragments: Episode #349

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Hey! You made it! I'm so glad you're here; thanks for coming. I've collected some random thoughts from my week and look forward to reading yours, should you be so inclined! Here we go:

*The Difference Makers are going to be helping kids with homework in an after-school program. They are super excited; it's cute.

*I realized last Sunday that I was at my top weight, and I was having none of that; I've been eating right and using a Beachbody trial to get strong and, hopefully, lean. I'm already seeing the difference.

*State testing started this week; it's been very stressful.

*Mr.4444's cousin Kailyn is making progress towards healing from her serious skiing accident. Kyle and I are helping with the social media aspects of fundraising and communicating about Kailyn's progress. We have a Facebook page to help promote a YouCaring fundraising page that has already raised $45,000! It feels good to be able to something to help long-distance. Here's a cute photo of Kailyn.

*You may have seen a recent video that has gone viral of a high school student assaulting a peer in a school commons. I'm not sharing the video here because it wouldn't be appropriate (I work in that district.) However, I want to let viewers know a few important FACTS: 1) This event did NOT take place during a teacher-supervised period; it was in the commons, before school started in the morning. No teacher stepped in because no teacher was on duty. 2) The student being "punched" was not injured in the least; after the event, he got up and went about his day. 3) A teacher did make a mistake by making a facetious comment (the day before the incident) to a senior student about wishing he could cuff a kid in the head (or something along those lines). He admitted to the mistake and apologized to both boys in writing but not in person, for reasons that are none of anyone's business. 4) At this high school, such incidences are extremely rare.

*I do not condone punching people in the head for being obnoxious, though I've many times wished that I could do so.

*I'm glad I've never experienced repercussions for stupid things that I have said. Well, maybe I have, but I've suppressed the memory; no one wants to remember being foolish.

*Bullying is a term that gets overused. When you're constantly and deliberately whistling shrilly/making noises to antagonize people around you and they ask you to stop but you don't, and you continue and then get punched in the head, that's not bullying; it's you being a jerk and getting a consequence. Yes, it's assault, and assault is a serious thing, but it's not bullying; I wish the media would stop using that term to sensationalize.

*In the old days, people held kids accountable for their actions, not their teachers; I often long for the old days.

Okay, I'd better quit before I get in trouble. Link up your Friday Fragments post below, and have a great weekend! [For more information about Friday Fragments, click on the tab above. Thanks.]

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Friday Fragments: Episode #348

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Welcome to Friday Fragments, where random rules and nobody drools.
Collect your random thoughts and put them into the easiest post you'll write all week.
Thanks for being here!

***Mr.4444's cousin's talented, 15-year-old athlete daughter took 2nd place in the USASA Nationals snowboarding competition on Monday in Colorado in the half-pipe event for her division. On Tuesday, during the aerial skiing event, she had a accident that broke her neck and dislocated her hip. Following surgery, her doctor told her that she may never walk again; we are heartsick for her. Please pray for strength for Kailyn, as well as healing; she has a long road ahead of her.

***I weighed myself on Monday and figured out why I just don't like myself in photos lately; I was at my all-time high weight, so I've been kicking my own butt all week to get back to my fighting weight. I've been eating right and working out daily, and I went back to yoga on Wednesday. I feel great (though sore!), and I've already lost three pounds, so I'm on the right track.

***OMG--My baby girl is turning TWENTY tomorrow; I can't believe it!!

I don't have a lot of fragments to share; Kailyn's taking up a lot of brain space tonight. I hope to catch up with you this weekend; feel free to link up your own Friday Fragments post below. [To learn more about Friday Fragments, click on the tab above.]