Because I love giving my opinion (Shocking, I know!) I sometimes write reviews of products/services I think Half-Past Kissin' Time readers might be interested in. Some (but not all) are sponsored reviews (meaning that I got a freebie in exchange for my honest opinion.) Others (those marked with asterisks) were written just for the fun of it.

*The Michigan House (restaurant)
*Custom Ink (t-shirt review)
Tupperware Giveaway!
Two Reasons to Smile (Campus Book RentalsOperation Smile)
Easy Canvas Prints (review)
Dips-n-More (dips!)
Costume Discounters Review (vlog)
*Chicken in the Car (book review)
Should I Be Encouraging Hand-Holding?! (skincare)
King Cooper's New Throne (CSNStores)
My Two New Favorite Kitchen Tools (CSNStores)
*Got Invites? (business products)

*Tech Tuesday: TodaysMeet (technology)
*Tech Tuesday: IPad Apps (SoundNote, 2ToDo Tasks in Style, All Recipes) (technology)
*Delicious! (technology)
*Glogster Fun (technology)
*Tech Tuesday: Wolfram Alpha, Free Tech Tools for Teachers, Prezi (technology)
*Tools for Your Trade (Or Just for Fun!) (technology)

Go-Girl (The Infamous Video)
See What I'm Willing to Do For You? (e.l.f. cosmetics, *Picnik)

My TripAdvisor Reviews

*My Favorite Things Series:
Bathroom Edition
Kitchen Edition, Monday, June 21st
Pantry Edition (all things food!), Monday, June 28th
Lawn/Garden/Garage Edition, July 12th

Amon Maternity 
BlogHer '09 Swag Review