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I decided that it would be cool to have an archive by Topic, rather than by date. I've pulled posts from all the way back. Some posts, though popular when originally posted, lost their comments when I shifted from Blogger to Haloscan and back, but I know you'll love them anyway :) [P.S. I've audiorecorded a handful of these posts. To find them, scroll down the sidebar on my main blog page.]

Teaching/My Classroom

Making a Difference II

Lighting the Fire

Odd Man Out

Odd Boy In

Small Victories

Making a Difference

Me and My Homies

Christmas Spirit

Parent of the Year (Not)

Where You Least Expect to Find Sweetness

Gee, I Wonder... (Shawn)

Finger Pointing (James)

Pants on Fire (Charlie)

Three Blind Mice (Charlie)

Bad News and Good News (Charlie)

Music That Takes You Back (Shawn)

Sleeping Your Way to a Better Body (Charlie)

When God Clocks Out

Brotherly Love (Charlie)

From Whence They Come


Dirtballs, Part II

In a Word

More of My Idealism


Very Important Things I've Learned in the EBD Classroom

Another Reason I Love My Job (Charlie)

Miracle Drugs (Charlie)

When Middle School Boys Plan Vacations (Charlie)

Did You Know?

Loser? I Think Not.

Warning: Rate PG-13 Post

Who, Me? Oppositional-Defiant?! Are You Crazy?!

Never Say Never

Detention: A Cure for Gas?

Tell Me Again Why I Do This??

Ridiculous Day!

The Thanks I Get

Dear Parent (Who Does Her Son's Homework for Him)

My Family

Still the One (Mr.4444)

Mr. Sensitivity (Mr.4444)

Dinner Drama (Mr.4444)

Can't Help Loving That Man of Mine (Mr.4444)

Rare Moments (Kyle and Kendall)

Beauty Must Suffer (Kendall)

The Keeper of My Heart

More True Love (Mr.4444)

California Wedding

Out With the Old (Pun Intended)

Well, I'll Have You Know.... (Grandma4444)

Tis the Season (Cooking)

Miss You (Grandpa4444)

Memorable Gifts

How Naps Can Cost You

Geri's Tutoring Post

Making Wishes Come True

Does Jesus Rock Out? (Kyle)

Reunion Re-cap

Family Fun: Reunion Style

My Mom

Almost Wordless Wednesday (Grandpa Bob)

It's Possible! (Kendall)

Angels(?) Among Us

One to Tell Her Future Boyfriends (Kendall)

Lasting Love (Gram Florence)

Taking My Kid to Work

Interview in My Underwear

That Man of Mine (Mr.4444)

Hollyhocks and Hulahoops (Geri)

Fuzzy Memories

City Chicken Feast

Saying Goodbye to Bob

A Sweet Memory


The Power of Words

Our Own Superhero (Jim)

Childhood Scars

Girl Stuff

Torture by Brother: One Sister's Perspective

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