Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Memory Lane....

I took a stroll down blog post “Memory Lane” and thought I’d offer an update:

Detention: Cure for Gas? For those of you staying up late at night pondering, detention IS a cure for gas! My little charmer is doing GREAT! There have been ZERO out-loud emissions since the detention. Oddly enough, though, her older brother (who is in another class of mine) has picked up where she left off; only his are the “Silent but DEADLY” variety. (I’m not kidding; this is actually true.) I’ve been contemplating calling the parents for a “Dairy Intervention.” Actually, the brother’s offenses ended the FIRST time I got wind of it and threatened him with a referral. (He actually teared up.) So, lately, my classroom only smells like sweaty middle schoolers.

Lost in the Woods… I’ve put a GPS on my Christmas list and am looking forward to trying out Geo-Caching this winter (if I don’t get lost).

Customer “Service” I’ve been enjoying a Norton-free existence and contemplating creative things I can do as a consumer to protest outsourcing of customer service, besides just boycotting. I’m open to creative ideas or things to say when you realize you are speaking to a person who actually knows nothing about the product and robotically reads a script in polite, controlled English.

Friday Night Lights have changed to Tuesday Night Chlorine and Humidity Splashfest, something I very much look forward to, as The Boy (who doesn’t like this moniker, by the way—Any suggestions?) has joined Swim Team. It’s been about five years since he swam competitively. He just decided to get back into it, and Mr. 4444 and I are thrilled. At 5’11”, 125 pounds and size 14 flippers, this kid is going to SHINE!

Miracle Drugs… Charlie is doing well. I’ve learned the power of a rolly chair; when I let him sit in a weird chair that he likes, I can get him to concentrate in math class for nearly 5 minutes! I’ve learned a lot from Charlie, like the value of a tiny action figure whose absence can actually change a perfectly good day into a pulse-pounding nightmare.

Childhood Scars—When a neighbor at the Halloween Party fell in the woods in a drunken stupor and couldn’t get up, I laughed my wig off (and took pictures!) Guess I haven’t learned…. (I’m belly-laughing right NOW.)

And once again, I am procrastinating; I took today off so that I could WORK. Time to get back to it! Hope this finds you happy, healthy, and in love with life.



  1. Great expressions from your mom. I'm gonna start incorporating them!

    On Wisconsin!

  2. Too bad detention won't work for my husband.

  3. I actually watched a really interesting documentary about call centres in India called "Bombay Calling".

  4. Thank you for your post. I'm glad to hear your son is swimming agian. I'm sure he'll be a star!! Nice to have the kids do fun activies. It keeps them busy. It's just sometimes a pain to have to run them around all over the place. You know the mom's taxi service. I think soon I'm going to start charging my son gas money!! heehee j/k.
    Hope you had a great day!

  5. It's going pretty well, I suppose. The Job Action hasn't been too disruptive yet, although I will say it is very difficult to do my job well when I can't get a hold of teachers before or after school. I've been slipping in really early and leaving late so no one really notices that I am not participating. It would be different if I had a contract, but student teachers most definitely don't get a contract, so I think I'm justified in my non-actions. There's talk that if negotiations don't happen soon, the union will bump it up a notch and take more drastic measures...we shall see...


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