Sunday, December 30, 2007

Family Fun

Mr. 4444 is a funny man. I laugh on a very regular basis, and I am thrilled to note that Kyle has his father’s sense of humor. Between the two of them, I belly-laugh on a very regular basis. Last night, at the City Chicken Feast, Uncle Bob and his family were sharing the highlights of a Tampa Bay Harley Davidson rally. They described numerous encounters with “colorful characters” from all walks of life. With a look of horror on her face, 19-year-old Holly described a “an old lady who flashed us her boobs!” Not missing a beat, Kyle replied, “How? By lifting up her skirt?!” (I almost fell out of my chair!)

The subject soon changed to high school sports involvements; the kids are each involved in swimming, basketball, and cross country. They talked about their prospects for lettering, and Aunt Amy shared that Holly had been All-Conference for cross country in high school. Not to be left out, chest puffed up and a smug look on his face, Mr. 4444 piped up, "I was All-Neighborhood Ding-Dong-Ditch!" (Of course, this was met with groans, but also grins.)

Uncle Bob was last night’s City Chicken Champion, with 12 legs consumed. Mr. 4444 ate just 8, but he kept us on the edge of our seats when his brother had already eaten 11 and he quietly asked me to add three to his plate. Seeing this, and knowing that these three would tie them, Bob promptly snarfed up his 12th. Mr. 4444 then put the three legs back, grinning, “I just did that to force you to eat another one. I’m so full, I could hurl.” (Classic brother antics at their best.)

Kyle did himself proud this year; he managed to eat 10 legs and not throw up. At swimming practice, there is bucket near the edge of the pool for those who give too much and end up losing their cookies. He did say, “Get a bucket!” at dinner, but thankfully, he was only kidding.

We laughed harder than ever this year; dinner took two hours, as we were at the table long after the plates had been cleared away. I wiped away tears of laughter over and over. They say “Laughter is the Best Medicine.” If that’s true, our New Year will be off to a healthy start!

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  1. You look like you have such a fun family! Do tell us about these chicken legs and the great contest! My hubby owns a Chick-fil-a restaurant--- ever been?
    And I will NEVER let my daughter see a photo of your ADORABLE son. Have mercy--- the texting would never end. Smiles!
    I also have a 12 year old daughter and I treasure each moment of her still being a little girl. I also pray she will still snuggle with me when she is her sister's age. Oh sigh--- how the time does fly.
    And don't forget to inform me of the chicken legs thing!


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