Saturday, December 15, 2007

A Great Holiday Story....

This blogpost is a terrific holiday story to which I just had to link. I promise you will love it.

Inspired by the story, I sent Musings my brilliant idea for hiding gifts. I hide the kids' gifts in their dresser drawers, since they're sure to go undiscovered there! Heather replied:

You know, as odd as that sounds, I totally believe you. I debated sticking some there last night after I saw this, but didn't because with my luck, sometime in the next week [Santa coming] they would decide to be good kids and put their clothes away for me!

That's so adorable and funny. My kids are teenagers who no longer believe in Santa, so there's little chance of them suddenly deciding to stop living out of laundry baskets and put their clothes away. The goods are safe in the dressers. On the other hand, they probably don't bother searching for gifts and instead look for receipts, as the smart ones do....The dresser is a terrific spot for receipts, too! (As is the cleaning supply cupboard, clothes closet, and fake jar of hemorrhoid cream in the bathroom cupboard.)

Enjoy the story. And remember, there are just 9 shopping days left til Christmas!

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