Monday, December 3, 2007

I found this photo of 4-year-old me today, and I added it to my S’no Fun post, but after I did so, I changed my mind. It’s as if I wanted to protect her, this “Mini-me,” if you will, from any harmful memories about snow, because obviously, I must have liked it sometimes.

I love this photo, because it shows a sense of open-mindedness; a willingness to go beyond follicular (is that a word?) boundaries. On the back of the photo, Mom had written, “Barbie made this snowman all by herself!” It’s evident from my proud face that I was pretty darned pleased with myself over this push-broom doffed, gashed-mouthed pal of mine. My six older siblings must have been at school, my 18-month old sister taking a nap(?) and my youngest sister not yet born, I had my mom to myself! And here she was, taking a photo, when she probably would have preferred to be taking a nap herself.

There are twelve photos of me (by myself) in my collection, and I think that’s a darned good number for a family our size. How many second and third borns (let alone 7th borns) can make that claim? I just called Mom to thank her. She said, “Oh, you’re welcome, Sweetie.” She’ll never really know how much I appreciate the simple snapshots she took so long ago, photos that remind me of carefree days, early accomplishments, and yes; a love of snow.

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  1. Love your pictures. You look so proud of your masterpiece!! It's a pretty good snowman. You can't even tell that you have snow issues. I also must add your daughters are crazy. I thought the guys that go to the Packer games with no shirts on were crazy... I got a good laugh at that.
    Hope you had a good day at school.

    Oh and I won't tell social services either.. haha


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