Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Agony of Defeat

Okay, well that sucked.

There is a bright side, though...

*We don't have to feel bad about not being able to afford $3000.00 per Super Bowl Ticket.

*I burned at least a thousand calories screaming, jumping around, and yelling throughout the game; my heart rate was flying in those final minutes, so now I don't have to feel guilty for not exercising. (On the other hand, I suppose I have to negate such a benefit, considering the ice cream, candy, and other garbage I inhaled in those final 15 minutes or so, stress-eating. Shoot.)

*I can smile when I picture The Girl (in shock to see me going crazy) doing an impersonation of me screaming at the defense during the 4th quarter. "Mom! You should have heard yourself!" Here, she bugs out her eyes and screams, "GOD BLESS AMERICA!! GET HIS A-S-S!" (She spelled it; I had not, I'm ashamed to admit.) Of course, she had to mock me at least three times, and I have to admit, she was funny.

I'm still gonna wear my "Brett Favre for President" shirt, which I bought tonight and planned to wear tomorrow to school. However, I may need more time for the wound to heal before I wear it.

Also, we are still united, we Packer fans; it's just that we're now united in our disappointment. We'll survive; there's always next year (Brett will be back!)

In lieu of flowers, please send a donation for next year's season tickets!


  1. It was an intense game...I actually watched most of it on your behalf...I surprised myself!!!

    Glad to see your being a good sport about it all....I totally get the whole going nuts during the game thing...we do it too!

  2. Oh how I hate the giants (for different reasons, but still I do feel your pain). They beat us out too after we'd already beat them TWICE during the regular season. GRRRR! (Actually we LOST more than they we stunk it up that game.

  3. I know. The Humanity of it all. Now, who to root for in the SuperBowl?

  4. What no pictures of the cheese wedge on your head?

  5. Well said. I too screamed and hollered but so was everyone else at the golf course. You should hear what people say in a bar!@#$%^&*(:). How did MR4444 and the boy survive the cold and defeat?
    Go Pack Go and see you in the fall Brett.


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