Tuesday, January 1, 2008

ARP Behind the Wheel

To the ARP (Annoying Rude Person) who rolled down your window and screamed “F--K YOU!” at me, all bulgy-eyed and red-faced as you passed: You, Sir, are the &!*%$, not me!! I know this for sure, because I am the one who, during her driving test 28 years ago, changed lanes in the middle of an intersection and was told in no uncertain terms later that that is NOT LEGAL. So, when I stopped (with my right turn signal on) and turned RIGHT (slowly, in case you were a knot-head) into the RIGHT lane, I was in the RIGHT, whereas you, oncoming ARP turning LEFT, should have turned left into the LEFT lane, not the RIGHT one!

You see, there are two lanes there for a reason, and when you have your left turn signal on, it means you need to turn into the left lane; it doesn’t mean, “I’m going in this general direction, so everyone else better stay the hell out of my way!” So, the next time you decide to roll your window down and scream yourself hoarse at someone, I hope you will first consider your own actions. And then keep your mouth shut (you could have an aneurysm, for crying out loud!)


  1. We just drove six hours straight and I am pretty sure I saw your ARP at least 7 times. This post cracked me up.

  2. Hi Mrs. 4444 we have enjoyed your blog also as you did ours ( The Hanson's) We found your New Years tradition to be neat as my 13 year old put it and wants to give it a try next year, it might be rather hard with the fenced yard if we have this much snow but we'll give it a whirl:)


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