Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Funny "Forgotten Story" this time!

Okay, before I go ahead with this, I just want to say Thanks so much for the sweet comments on yesterday's post. That was the first personal poem I have ever written and I found the experience to be very cathartic and real. I love being honest; it's so darned freeing. That realness is what I love about having a blog; it's great to be myself and to feel appreciated in the blog community.

Now for my funny forgotten story. The story actually belongs to my former brother-in-law, Kevin, who is also one of nine children. Long ago, when Kevin was about nine years old, his family took a road trip across country. Well, you can imagine the craziness of piling nine kids into a car in your own garage, let alone at a wayside hundreds of miles from home, so it's no surprise that while Kevin played away on a video game, his family drove away from the rest stop without him. Minutes later, he realized his abandonment, went outside, and sat down on the curb to wait for them to come back. About 30 minutes later, Kevin's mom is in the station wagon, handing out drink cups for the Kool-aid she was distributing. Smartly efficient, she had taped the name of each child on a cup, so that they wouldn't get mixed up. As she called out the names, each child took his/her cup. "Kevin?" she called out. "Kevin?!" Imagine the horror she must have felt to realize her young Kevin was not in the car!! You know the rest of the story; they went back to get him, of course, and he held no grudges, but he never forgot it! (Thank God for Kool-aid!)


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