Thursday, January 17, 2008

I was going to say, "Need I say more???" but I guess I do need to say more, since I know you're on the edge of your seats after yesterday's post, so...if you haven't already, you must read Worst Dates. Then, and only then, will the rest of this make sense:

More things I love about Mr. 44444
6. He makes sure the washer fluid in my car is always filled.
7. He does at least five loads of laundry per week
8. He can fix/find/cook anything (and is willing to learn if he doesn't know how)
9. He comes over and rubs my shoulders whenever he passes me on the computer
10. His desktop background is a photo of The Girl and me
11. He no longer drinks Old Style (Ladies, you were right!!)

Yes, my dear, dear husband did not exactly sweep me off my feet those many years ago. In fact, when he and I became the best of friends in college, he did nothing for me; that is to say that he was not my type. I was into short, dark, gloomy guys who needed fixing, and he was tall, blue-eyed, and handsome in his Calvin Klein jeans, pink oxford shirt and cowboy boots, but not the guy for me! Sure, he was cute, sweet, funny, confident, and was a great dancer. Sure, he watched All My Children with me in the TV room at school and gave me rides home any time I needed one, but I could not see past the guy I already had.

What I didn’t know during the two years of our platonic friendship at U.W.G.B. was that Mr. 4444 had a thing for me, and he had it bad. He wasn’t spending all his time in the library (where I had a work-study job) doing homework; he was stalking me, in a very non-obvious way. We’d cry on each other’s shoulders our prospective partners, hang out in the Rathskellar bar, do a little homework together, but I never gave dating him a thought. I learned later that he thought about it constantly. In fact, after dropping me off at home one day (and watching me walk all the way down the driveway), he said to his friend, Wes, “I’m going to marry that girl some day.” (Did I say he was confident?)

Anyway, I won’t bore you with the rest of the details of our courtship here, but I do have to tell you how happy I am that I was able to look past (or smell past) that first date, because I have never, ever regretted marrying this man; he works hard, is still handsome as ever, makes me belly-laugh regularly, is an incredible dad to our kids, and most importantly, adores me. Some day I’ll draw some parallels between being married to Mr. 4444 and being a teacher of students with emotional/behavioral disabilities. For now, though, I’ll just be glad that he drinks Jack Daniels these days, instead of Old Style.


  1. That is wonderful....he rubs your shoulders while your computing...HOW SWEET...mine just walks by me to fart...kidding...Scotty's a sweetie too and our story is simular to yours, except for the fact we met on-line and not at college, but we too were friends, I fixed him up on blind dates all the time, but when my dear sweet granny passed away, he took off work (he lived over an hour away) and came and stayed with me while I grieved, he tended to me and he also tended to Hoss, her funeral was on a Wednesday and he went home early that Thursday morning and drove to work, he came back over the weekend....well that next week he called one night and was sobbing into the phone,crying his eyes out, he confessed his undying love for me, and how heartbroken he was for me, I just wish I wasn't totally wasted at the time, because from what I can recollect it was a very sweet phone conversation..LOL Anyway the rest they say is history!
    Sounds like you got a good one with Mr 4444!

  2. This is such a sweet post.
    It is so funny how what you're looking for can be right under your nose for so long!
    (PS. I promise I didn't read forward. I just eliminated #1 right off the bat because I thought I would have figured out by now if you were married to a congressman!!)

  3. He sounds princely! And he came out of UWGB???

    Oh, and I tagged you. Go to my site for details.

  4. I remember clearly one night at your house in NY. (Mr. WXXXXX or whatever you refer to him as) looked at me and my husband and said something to the effect of spouse swapping. I was mortified and curious at the same time although I was wound way to tight to even comprehend the thought.
    I laugh today because I could not even imagine.. He gave me quite a start though. Gotta love him, he always kept us guessing.
    Who knew a Teddy Bear Picnic would lead to such provocative conversations.
    With me and my Mr. fjdjfadjfaklfj, he was a bartender at college, I was the broad who could not afford the drinks. It was a barter situation (sex for drinks) and its worked for over 20 years.
    Who would have thought????

  5. Okay, just to clarify things here, I have to say that if Mr4444 brought up spouse swapping, it was inspired by a certain other couple (half of which reads this blog, by the way) who raised the subject, TOTALLY freaking us out! Come to think of it, I wonder if he (the husband) even knew that she had brought it up one day. Anyway, that's a great subject for a blog; thanks, Kandee. And speaking of blogs, WHERE'S YOURS? You are way too funny to limit yourself to comments here!! :)


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