Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Name That Tune!

It wasn't easy living in 1300 square feet with nine kids. Truth be told, my oldest sister was out of the house by the time the youngest was born, but it was still pretty crowded for a while afterward. The house technically has four bedrooms, but as you can imagine, they were pretty small, and I can remember sharing three or four to a bedroom.

At night, when we had our orders to go to bed (my poor mother probably couldn't wait to send us off!), we turned out the light but often did not go to sleep for a long time afterward. I remember one game we played during the "Name That Tune!" era.

One person chose a song and then tapped out the tune on the bed frame, window sill, or cardboard box next to the bed. The others would then try to guess the tune. It seems like we played this game for hours, long after shouts from the livingroom of, "You kids go to sleep now!"

I've decided it would be fun to play this game with you! I have tapped out a tune for you to guess. Leave your guesses in the Comment section, and I'll announce the winner on Friday. The winner (first one to guess) will receive a free copy of our family cookbook published this summer. (If you don't cook, it's still a great read and would make a great Christmas gift.)

First, a practice tune.

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