Friday, January 25, 2008


It was six degrees outside, with a 15-degrees-below-zero windchill. I was sitting in line in my car, waiting for last of the school buses to leave so that I could get out of the parking lot when I saw one of the special education aides hobble by. She was bundled up tight in a big, red down coat and winter hat, reflective vest, and stop-sign in hand, on her way in from having finished her crossing guard duty. I marveled at her toughness (I would NEVER be a crossing guard, because I HATE the cold!!) Poor thing; she was red-faced and frowning. I rolled my window down and called out, "You're my hero! I gotta give you credit..." She smiled weakly, shaking her head, "How many times a year do you suppose a person can possibly be given The Finger?!"

A honking horn behind me sent me on my way, but I couldn't help but shake my head. Unbelievable; you work hard all day in the classroom, with the most difficult kids in the school, and you have to rush outside to freeze your butt off and get The Finger from impatient, rude people (most likely teenagers from the high school across the road) on a regular basis. It's a thankless job those aides have sometimes. I'm going to sit down tonight and write a few thank you notes to these ladies...God knows they deserve it.

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  1. I agree!
    An applause for these sweet sweet guards.


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