Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Back to School! (and EBD Land)

"Anthony," who is normally very mild mannered and relatively cooperative, must have had too much TV/candy/indulgence/neglect this weekend+snowday at his dad's house. He was looking for trouble today, and he found it. Twenty minutes after I wrote a referral for his noncompliance and crawling under and on top of a library table (Good Grief!!), he walked into my classroom, handed me a box (that someone had asked him to take to me) and sneered, "Here's your dumb box! Take this and SHOVE IT UP YOUR FACE!"

Now, that's a new one. On the bright side, at least he likes me too much to take that one "over the top." It shows he does have some boundaries. Also on the bright side; he will not be in class tomorrow, as he has earned an In-School Suspension (too many referrals within a two-week period.) A third positive is the aides and I now have a new smart-ass comment to make to each other when we are feeling punchy, "Well, shove it up your face, Honey!"

Sixth grade Archie came in looking grumpy. "How was your weekend?" I asked cheerfully. "Thanks to you, it sucked!" was his sour reply. You see, it was my fault that he chose to harrass the cognitively disabled boy on the bus all last week until the boy's mom called to complain about his threatening to throw her son's backpack and hat out the window, etc. If I would have just kept my mouth shut and minded my own business, his mom would never have known, but noooooooo; I just had to be nosey! I'm all about ruining kids' weekends, you know. Score!

Carson apparently lost a book (he's a reading fiend) and came into my room searching the floor and bookshelf for it. I was working at my desk (my planning period). "You didn't leave it here," I said. "If I found a book on the floor, I'm sure I'd remember it." (No one else in my room reads unless under duress, and certainly no one would put a book on a shelf without prompting! I'd remember that, too.) Frustrated, he left, returning several minutes later. Incredulous, he exclaimed, "You're not even looking for it!" I rolled my eyes, "Are you serious?? [He was.] I have work to do; get out of here." (See, I'm just selfish that way.)

On a humorous note, I did get a good laugh this afternoon. Kelly, noticing Cooper's foul mood, said, "You should be nice to Mrs.4444. She works very hard. As a matter of fact, some days she stays as late as 3:30pm!! Isn't that right, Mrs.4444?" "Yeah, that's right," I replied. "And sometimes I even come in at 7:00am, instead of 7:15. I'm just that dedicated!" (JK--I didn't really say that. I just laughed.)

P.S. In case you haven't already figured it out from the post, "EBD" stands for emotional-behavioral disability. And speaking of EBD, my friend, Kandee has finally followed my orders to start blogging. (No pressure, Kandee) but this girl is funny, sweet, and lovable. Please check in on her as she takes her baby-steps into Bloggyville. Welcome to the neighborhood, Kandee!!!


  1. You see, people do notice, even though not as frequently as we may like.
    Shove it up your face? Made me smile a bit more than it should have!!

  2. EBD.. Who you calling an EBD.. You big meanie.
    I'm going to shove it in your face!

  3. Those kids are lucky they have you. Many people would not be suited for a job like that. We have a few teachers are our school who just aren't willing to make the effort for some of the kids.

  4. kandee-Report to Detention on Monday, Missy!

    Sari-Thank you so much. Validation like that makes it worth it. :)

  5. This post made me laugh. So typical of sped professionals to take the obnoxious comments and use them to make each other giggle. :)


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