Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday in the Kitchen

No, that's not a hamburger. It's a cookie, dammit! I was feeling domestic, so I decided to make these, inspired by Musings. However, I decided to be a little adventurous and make them a) with Splenda in place of white sugar and b) on the "cookie" sheets given as a gift for Christmas. (Okay, one more little detail to confess: I also decided to put the eggs in AFTER all the other ingredients, but before the chocolate chips). Alright!! I forgot to put them in until it was almost too late. Here is the evidence that the burning was not my fault; do these golden beauties look burnt to you?!So, as you can see, this culinary episode did not exactly reinforce my self-esteem. However, in spite of having to cook these twice as long as the recommended 7.5 minutes, and inspite of burning the first pan (and having to switch to my other pans), they actually turned out edible.
The Girl even came home just now, tasted one, and said, "Delicious." And because of the Splenda being ZERO calories, I was able to eat 16 dough balls, instead of the recommended eight. Beauty. Gotta go...kinda got a belly ache here...


  1. Hmm...does it really recommend eating 8 dough balls? Sounds like my kind of recipe!

  2. We are soul sisters!
    I'm all about dough balls!

  3. I actually read one time that uncooked cookie dough is less fattening than cooked dough.
    Thinks its true?

    Hey, ever see the Saturday Night Christmas with Alex Baldwin.
    Pete Schweddy? Reminded me of your balls...
    Its a classic - I love your balls.

  4. Warning! Don't do what I did 3 years ago. Frosted sugar cookies with all Splenda break and are hard to frost. :) Grandkids still razz me! I do half and half now. I like Splenda in everything except frozen treats with cream cheese. You can taste it...
    So, I am glad that you finally got to eat some good cookies! :)

  5. It must've been cookie weekend - we made cookies as well! I actually posted about that today too. :-)

  6. Splenda scares me. But when it comes to raw cookie dough, I'm not picky: bring it on!

    (You've made me very hungry. Cookie dough for dinner, kids?)

  7. They do look tasty.
    I hate how you always have to work the kinks out a new baking recipe, though!


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