Sunday, March 23, 2008


Want to know how to take a one-of-a-kind, priceless photo?!

1) Spend a week at a cottage in Minnesota with your entire family (any number of folks will do).

2) Wait til the last night, after supper, when the cousins are moping because the fun is almost over and they are going back to their boring lives in the morning.

3) Tell them you want to take their picture together! It will "only take a second." Line them up on the stairs in order of age.

4) Have three different shutterbugs make the kids sit there until they've all gotten their shots.

5) Then remember Grandpa 4444 (outside), whom you know loves to take pictures and would be very upset to have missed this opportunity. Make the kids sit longer while you go tell Grandpa to get his camera.

6) Stand near the steps (so they cannot escape) while Grandpa is running around looking for his camera. Notice their grumpy faces, whiney voices, and awful postures. Then say, "Now kids, when he's taking your picture, I want you to a thong!

If you follow these instructions, it should look something like this:
Be sure to share that priceless moment with everyone; post it on your blog. (But please do not include photos of your grandpa in a thong.)


  1. sick minds get the biggest smiles :)

  2. Thanks for the comment you left me on my page. It is hard having your children leave for college especially when they are out of state. My daughter is also two years away from college. I get sick just thinking about it.
    Anyway, I appreciated the comment you left me.

  3. Oh thank you for THAT image! :)

  4. LMAO picturing Grandpa in a thong.


    Great photo... looks like fun!

  5. That is sooo funny! And it makes for a GREAT picture. ;)

  6. You are a rock star for NOT showing grandpa in a thong.

    Funny post. Great shot.

  7. I got one of those photos (not of my grandpa though) over the Easter weekend. This one is my youngest sister's current boyfriend. Oh my ... can't wait for this stage to pass ...


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