Monday, March 3, 2008

Got Quirks?

Jane the Sane inspired me one day to think about quirks; I have a few:

1) No touching raw hamburger. I have even been known to put my hands inside sandwich bags when gloves were not available to make burger patties.

2) They'll be no chewing with your mouth open in my house. I can't stand it. Imagine my shock and horror when a recent house guest (we were meeting for the first time) snorted snot throughout dinner! Seriously; I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I offered Kleenex and even said, "You poor thing! Here's some cold medicine." but inside, I was screaming "OMG! PLEASE STOP!" and fighting my involuntary stomach spasms. Wow.

3) As far as students go, I can take a lot, but if one ever spat at me, I think I would lose it and choke them to death. It's probably due to years of torture at the hands of brothers hanging loogies over me, but that's the way it is; spit on me, and you will die a quick and painful death.

4) Doorknobs in public buildings; I do everything I can do avoid touching them with my bare hands. I'd even rather not wash my hands in some bathrooms than touch the faucet handles. (I'm also a foot-flusher.) Lastly, I'll do almost anything to avoid touching a writing utinsel or keyboard that's been touched by a certain few students in my room. (I've seen them with their fingers/hands in all kinds of places; so trust me, this is not irrational.)

So, raw ground beef, poor table manners, spit, and germs. Are these quirks, or peeves? Regardless, that's what I've got for you. (Your turn.)


  1. quirks? i don't have any...unless you count eating my crackers in 1/3s when i have them with soup...or that the sound of styrofoam makes my entire body cringe...or that tags at the backs of shirts must be tucked in and if they aren't i tuck them in...but they don't count, right?

  2. Ok I've found a soul sista!
    My family makes fun of me with my hands in baggies making burgers. It's downright de-humanizing to touch raw hamburger meat or any for that matter. I just think it's so gross.

    And I'm with you for the rest of your 2, 3 & 4!
    Yep you pretty much summed it up for me.

  3. I can't touch mayonnaise. I can eat it as long as it's mixed in tuna or chicken for salad, etc., or spread on the bread; I just can't touch it. If even the slightest smear gets on me I almost vomit. I have no idea why. I have no problem touching raw meat except organ meat -- there's something evil about organ meats!

    For surfaces, handles, shopping carts, etc., I ALWAYS carry moistened handiwipes that sanitize. They go with me everywhere and I wipe off everything.


  4. I roll down my sleeves to avoid public doorknobs. And I remember volunteering in my kids' pre-school and praying that none of them would have a runny nose. Oh, the thought of it just made me shudder. Little kid snot...(shudder again)

    I also hold my breath when driving past cemeteries, and I lift my feet when I drive over railroad tracks. I've done it since I was five and my friend Leslie convinced me that if I didn't, Very Bad Things would happen to me. Gee, some friend.

    Hey, I see you're going to be part of Bossy's road trip! A Most Excellent adventure, and I hope you blog about it.

  5. OMG! I NEVER thought about using baggies for raw hamburger meat...I just avoid it and buy frozen patties!

    As for chewing with your mouth open, I am notorious for telling my kids, and I quote, "You look like a cow chewing cud! CLOSE YOUR MOUTH WHEN YOU CHEW!"

    I will say that a handy trick I learned working in a hospital as a respiratory therapist years ago (no...UPPER body fluids don't bother me so much, considering we had to DESCRIBE and enter in patients' charts what they would cough up, or we had to suction outta their lungs...TMI I know), is that when you wash your hands, always use the paper towel you dried with to turn off faucets and open doors when you exit a room or bathroom.


  6. Wow. I feel so validated! Nice. Thanks, Ladies.

    DW-You remind me of my friend's son; he loses his mind over the sound of macaroni and cheese being stirred. (You can hear it now, can't you?!)

    Rhonda, I'm so excited! Glad to share these with you :)

    MM-Great idea on the wipes. As for the mayo, I'm guessing eating a Big Macs or Filet o Fish would definitely out for you then?

    ANW-So cute; the railroad tracks thing. I don't know about Bossy...we'll see if she comes this way. Now that Brett's retiring, what's the point of going to GB? JUST KIDDING

    Terri-Yup; me, too! Damned air driers put an end to that, though. That's when I won't wash (and will use wipes instead.)

  7. Well, Bossy has you on her official list so you'd better put the kettle on. Or the beer in the fridge. Or the shrimp on the barbie. Or something...

  8. Oh my! I thought that we were raised to be tough in our family Barb! You know- Scots-Irish stoic on dad's side... :) My friend Marlene's (Who I stole from Mary) mom Myrtle got me to eat raw ground round with onion on dark bread at least a few times and I survived! I liked it even... Marlene also insisted I eat green peppers from their garden till I liked them. Of course, mom will tell you that I LOVED cod liver oil! So, I have made it to 57 after eating raw cookie dough, raw meat, being older sib to 9,day care provider to many, mother to 4, step mom to 4, grandma to 23, and lots of little snotty noses. Bottom line: I am sorry that you have all those little challenges, but I think that the reason that we all rarely get sick is due to our great genes and not wiping all surfaces etc... Still, keep on using those wipes etc... I do that on grocery carts too. I have watched too many shows on germs not to... :)

  9. Actually, I'm not worried about germs; the feel of the meat is what skeeves me out. And it's getting sick that makes me gross out about door knobs; it's the fact that I see kids with their fingers up their noses, in their pants, and can only guess what their bathroom habits are. It disgusts me to think about touching someone else's bodily germs.....agh!!

  10. OOps; it's NOT getting sick that bugs me; it's just touching other people's disgusting fluids.

  11. I totally agree with you as far as not touching public door knobs and various things in restrooms. Yucko!

    I also kringe when people chew with there mouths open, especially gum because you have to endure listening to it longer. Errggghhh!

    As for snorters, well I had to drive for 6 hours with a co-worker who snorked as I call it all the way to Nashville. Ok, I dealt with it for 3 hours. On the way back to Memphis I couldn't take it anymore so I begged him to stop, pull over and blow his nose. He didn't. I eventually told him that I just knew he wouldn't be hungry for dinner when he got home since he snorked up so much snot! That did the trick!

  12. Egads, Judy, that's nasty! I might have gone out of my mind!!


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