Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lasting Love

Found this photo of Gram in that red velvet dress the night of the winter wedding. She's "shakin' a leg" with Mark, and that means a fast song. You don't see that every day, do you?!
  I also found another favorite of Florence and Kendall. There's a wonderful thing about great grandmas; although moms often get "too busy" to play, Great Grandmas always have plenty of time to play. This is a photo of Gram and Kendall playing one afternoon, many years ago. They sat on that couch for hours (I'm not kidding), reading books and playing house. (Gram is wearing one of Kendall's dress-up hats.) Kyle was at school, and Gram devoted the entire afternoon to her great granddaughter, who reveled in having a playmate who enthusiastically embraced every single idea to pop in her little 3-year-old head.

I'm also including some shots of a "race" held at our house every time Gram was in town. From the time they were toddlers, she'd challenge the kids to a foot race. She'd brag up about how much she'd been practicing and how she was ready to win!

"Get ready...get set...Hey! Don't you cheat now!"
The Finish Line:
" Whoa! You kids are fast! I almost beat you, but I'll get you next time. Let's sit down for a minute."
The loser had to pay the others a dollar. Gram always put up a great effort, but somehow, she always ended up having to "pay up." The kids loved it.

I wish every child could be surrounded by so much love, even if it's only for a short time. I look forward to the days when I can be that kind of great grandma. (There's no hurry, though.)


  1. And her lipstick is perfect. Truly a great grandmother.

  2. This is the kind of great grandma I would like to be. What great memories!

  3. My great-grandma insisted on calling me Elizabeth (my older cousin's name) and buying me clothes that were too small and not what someone in my small town would wear (she lived in the city). I still laugh when I think of her.

  4. Reminds me of my great grandmother. She was great! Thanks for the post and the memories.

  5. Grandmas are special, but great-grandmas? They are out of this world! My great-grandma used to play rummy with us kids, and you had to watch her-- she would always cheat! =) I hadn't thought of that in ages.... Thanks.

    And thanks for popping by, and for going to wish my sister a happy birthday. She absolutely loves getting comments on her blog (most of her friends read but don't comment). =)

  6. What beautiful memories.

    I love how she always lost the race. So cute.

  7. What a fun Great-Grandma! She sounds (and looks!) such a dear, dear woman.

  8. You and your children were so blessed to have your great-grandmother around! Forget greats, my paternal grandparents died when I was very young, no memories and my maternal grandfather died when I was about 7. I did have my other grandmother around and I think she put her heart and soul in to making up for what I didn't have!

    A great regret of mine is that my father died before my son was born. I know he would have been a wonderful grandpa.

  9. Wow, she was quite a lady! She really had style. And what a sweet grandma! Great memories, for you and your kids..

    Lovely post. Most enjoyable....


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