Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Like Mother, Like Daughters

Isn't it weird how much daughters can sometimes look just like their mothers? Take my family, for example. Here's a photo of my mom with my sisters and me. The resemblance is downright spooky, isn't it!?Only kidding, of course. If it took you a minute to realize that once again, my brilliant sister, Michelle was busy photoshopping, don't feel dumb; I had the same reaction! The actual photo is here:Michelle, Mary, Mom, me, Judy (sister Geri, who lives in Alaska, was later photoshopped in, too!)

The photo was taken shortly before Mom's 75th birthday a few years back. Mary, who really has a way with words, penned a little ditty to go with the photo, and we framed both and gave them to Mom at her birthday party. The pairing now hangs in her hallway.

"Like mother, like daughters" was never more true
The older we get, the more we're like you.
And we gladly proclaim as we come to assemble...
You're a marvelous mom we are proud to resemble!

When we look upon others, seeing only their good,
When we nurture our families as only you could,
when we burst into song, when we laugh right out loud,
it's you that we hear, and that makes us proud.

When we count all our blessings, from our looks to our hearts,
inside and out, they're the sum of your parts.
So pardon us "clones" if we seem to be boasting...
we just really love the mom we are toasting!

I know...I'm lucky. We all are.


  1. What a beautiful "ditty". Something I know you girls will cherish forever!

  2. That was a cool effect in Photoshop! Moms are the greatest. Best wishes to you and yours.

  3. Now that's funny. I so fell for that photo at first glance. I feel like an idiot, but I appreciate the laugh.

  4. Great picture, but you totally freaked me out with the first one there for a minue!

  5. Hahahaha.... that photoshop pictures is awesome!

  6. That was a mean trick!

    I kept looking, back and forth, from the group picture to the one at the right (with you and your mom), trying to find you. I was confounded! Then, out of frustration, I went on to read the rest of the post......

    You have a beautiful family and one of which to be proud.


  7. You had me going until I scrolled
    down, then I chuckled. The photo
    is funny! Thank you for your wonderful thoughts about
    my tween. There are so many kids
    out there that have problems in
    their families, I feel so bad for
    them. It is hard not to be over
    protective of my daughter who has
    had her own learning problems and then to be bullied at school is even harder to handle. Thanks for your input. I appreciate it!

  8. I love the poem. Very nice!
    I agree too that we are all truly lucky/ blessed! There really are angels on earth. I know Mom is one :o)

  9. The first pic had me a little shocked for a moment.
    You are one lucky lady to have such a connection with such a more family-- more to love, or so they say!

  10. Yeah, I fell for the photoshopping, too!



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