Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What Entertains Me These Days....

Do you know about this site? Ifoundyourcamera It's kind of like a Lost-and-Found for cameras/flashdrives, and for some reason, I keep going back to it, even though I've never lost (or found) a camera. Anyway, check it out; it's kind of fun.

I'm also quite stuck on PostSecret, which I find very compelling (if also disturbing). In fact, I bought one of the books just to share with friends. I gave it to someone I work with, even though I don't know her super-well, because she seemed like she had a sense of humor. When she returned the book just hours later, I feared she was offended (Post Secret is kind of R-rated). There was a post-it note sticking out of the book, and I braced myself for an admonishment. Instead, it read: "I think I found your secret."

Opening the book, I found that my colleague had put the note on a cartoon illustration that read, "I am a professional working in a public school. No one would guess that my n/i/p/p/l/e/s are pierced." (You can guess the illustration.) I laughed SO HARD!!

I left that Post-it where I found it and lent the book out again. When it came back the next day, there was a second Post-it with a similar message, "Is this your secret?" The secret was, "I keep a red flannel shirt hanging on the back of the bedroom door. I tell my husband it's nothing, but I really keep it there so that when we are having s/e/x, I can fantasize about having s/e/x with MacGyver."

Who knew that sharing a book would be so entertaining??

P.S. Sorry, but I had to go back and spell that word s/e/x with slashes, because I'm afraid if I leave it as is, I'll get some freaky s/e/x ads from Google on my site!

(Oh, and for the record....No. Neither of those were my secret!)


  1. This is great! Please keep lending it out.

  2. Holy Crap, that PostSecret is an addiction I don't have time for (but wish I did)!!!

    So many distractions, so little writing getting done!

    I may have to go buy the book, I'll add it to my ever increasing wish list!

  3. PostSecret is such a fascinating site, isn't it?
    Sorry I've been so MIA lately!!

  4. That is hysterical! Be sure to tell us what the person guesses!

  5. Thank you for (inadvertently) bringing Postsecrets back to me. I had seen it some while ago but forgot it. I think it can be viewed as wonderfully therapeutic but I prefer the naughty secrets. I'll have to get the book. It'll be enthusiastically received in my family.


  6. Today when I went to retrieve the book, I found that it had been lent to someone else. I went to her and found she had taken it home after being unable to put it down in a meeting. I'll keep you "posted" on any new notes when it finally comes back!

  7. I'm so DISGUSTED! I did have a thought that told me to put slash marks in the n/i/p/p/l/e word (cuz I feared nasty ads), but I ignored it and just learned my lesson--Nasty pop-up porn. I apologize if you got any as a result of being here. ICK.

  8. I always read postsecret every sunday morning!


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