Thursday, April 17, 2008

Friday Fragments

I wonder...

*Why is it that whenever I use scissors or write on the whiteboard at school, I have to resist a strong urge to open and close my mouth with each movement? It's so cute when little kids do this, but when I do it, I feel embarassed.

*And another thing (this comes from The Choice, by Nicholas Sparks) "Did you ever notice how some colors are used for people's names, but others are not? White and Black. Like Mrs. White or Mr. Black. Or even Mr. Green (from the Clue game). But you never hear of someone named Mr. Orange or Mrs. Yellow. It's like some colors make good names, but other colors just sound stupid." Kendall and I laughed like fools the night I read this and we tested other colors for their name-appropriateness. My favorite: Mrs. Chartreuse.

*Back to Solo Ensemble, where middle school kids sing and or play instruments in ties and dresses to portray serious musicianship to a judge who then gently but constructively critiques their performances. I loved listening to several performers before Kendall and Liz had their turn. I literally choked up (yes, I'm a sap) at the sound/sight of these "tweeners" pouring their hearts and souls into vocals or piano pieces; dressed up, but not hiding their vulnerable selves. Some were more talented than others, of course, but every single one of them touched me with their passion, hard work, and maturity. Sweet. (Incidentally, Kendall and Liz earned the highest score possible on their Dodi Li duet!!)

*And last, but certainly not least of my random thoughts: What the heck happened to my darned comment notifications from Blogger, and why the heck can't they actually provide an email address, or God-forbid, an actual employee to help people with such problems, instead of putting it back on us?! Grrrrrr.

Have a fantastic weekend!!!


  1. Ah... Solo Ensemble. Hadn't thought of that in ages. I was always so nervous, but always came out aces. Whew. It's good to know that's still going on for kids out there. =D

    On another note (ha! music humour), the dean of the seminary where I earned my Masters was Dr. Green. He used green ink on all his grading. So our papers looked like they were bleeding Vulcan or something.

  2. Not enough people are saying 'Heavens to Betsy'. I may try and say this more, along with 'what, ho!' and other such eccentric verbosities.

    Names as colours?

    I always thought that 'Tiger Woods' sounds like one of those dark orange house paints they can't find another name for.


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