Friday, April 4, 2008

New Meaning to "Take Your Kid to Work Day"

When I decided to apply for the job teaching at the middle school (five years ago), I announced it at the dinner table. Eleven-year-old Kyle looked stricken. He teared up imediately and snapped, "Great! Now you'll get to spend all day with Kendall!"

"Not the grade school, I told him. "The middle school."

His face lit up, and he leaped out of his chair, jumping around excitedly. Later, as I completed the application on-line, he stood behind me and rubbed my shoulders, encouraging me and telling me he knew I'd get the job. To make a long story short, that's how Kyle and I started middle school together.

I loved teaching in the same building that Kyle was in. He never once denied me in the hallway and even went out of his way sometimes to pop in my room to say hi (or ask for money, snacks, or Ibuprofen). I was sad to see him leave for the high school three years later, but the blow was softened, because Kendall entered 6th grade the next fall (last year).

I love seeing Kendall in the hallway (she, too, does not hide when she sees me). I am also happy to be one of her Student Council Advisors (It's a real treat to work with normal kids once in while.) I do not take this for granted, which is why when the Picture Day folks came a couple of weeks ago and invited families to have their photo taken, I jumped at the chance. Kendall was all for it, too. We got the proofs this week.
Next year will be Kendall's last year with me at the middle school. I'm going to hold on to her as long as I can, but when that's no longer possible, this photo will be a treasure...


  1. Awww... what a precious picture. Definately frameable.

    I hope to teach in the same school that my children will attend.

    I hope my kids start school soon. I have three at home. Man, oh man, I can;t wait for real school to begin. FULL DAY school. :) Just venting on your blog. Ok, thanks.

  2. OHM-Yeah, some people cry when their kids go off to school. Not me; I pushed them out the door and cranked up the hot tub! (Just kidding about the hot tub; we don't even have one!) I was a SAHM at the time, though, and I was definitely NOT the mom who followed the bus in her car, all the way to school. (sorry, but I think that's odd.)

  3. That is a beautiful photo. How lucky you get to see your kids so often and that they want to see you and don't run from you in the hall.

  4. the photo is marvellous! i wish we could've gotten that opportunity with boy.

  5. SUCH a cute picture! I love it! You look fabulous!


  6. What a nice keepsake of your years in school "together!"

  7. What a wonderful picture to have of the two of you. :)

    I am always so happy to drop by your blog and read a bit - your stories are always interesting and sweet and I can tell that you are a great mom with your head screwed on straight. Thanks for the great post.

  8. I love the picture, it's beautiful!

  9. Ah yes, the pic is just as adorable as when I saw it on email! Your comments reminded of when Nathan (34, married with 4 kids) was a freshman and sophomore. He would get off the bus a mile from our house, and be met by the dog and me. He would act a bit miffed, but I knew he really didn't mind, and we did create some memories. Now he has his own dogs, and will someday embarrass his kids if he hasn't already! :)


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