Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Mrs.4444 Plays Surrogate Grandma!

When my bloggy friend Sandy mentioned that she had some grandkid photos to post but was having some trouble, I offered to help. After trial and error (mostly error), we were unable to get them posted (and viewable) in WordPress, so instead, you will get to enjoy them here!! When you see them, you will understand why I insisted. Check out the new apple of Sandy's eye:
I don't care you if were a tough old jail matron, Sandy; good luck saying "no" to that face!

James's daddy, Joshua took the pictures. He's is a trainer of Marine recruits, following two tours of duty in Iraq; they are a happy little Marine family. This photo is priceless...

For plenty of gushing about these kids and more, go to Sandy's blog: Add Humor and Faith...Mix Well


  1. Beautiful pictures!! You're a good friend to do that!

  2. Thank you for posting these for Sandy. This little guy is ADORABLE!

    BTW, I love what you say about your mom and her sayings. Your mom sounds a lot like my mom, and I'm smiling thinking about all the expressions of my parents. Really good memories.

  3. These images are great! I've never posted anything on WordPress, wow. Maybe Blogspot isn't so bad after all.

  4. OMG! How cute is he??? I LOVE's when they get older that they start becoming a pain in the rear end!

    Speaking of which, I think I will take your advice from a previous post about messaging. In the last two days, I have had to retype the same darn message upon picking my daughter up from Pom practice (she made the high school pom squad). I need some generic messages like you have! Thanks for the great idea!


  5. awesome pics...I'm so glad you posted them.

    and your post from april 8th was heart breaking. still glad you shared it.


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