Friday, April 11, 2008

Web News

I stumbled upon a gem of a website yesterday when I decided to find out what "Twittering" is all about. I found, a site that offers simple video explanations of often complicated things. They have a sense of humor and have taken the intelligent use of graphic organizers to a new level. (For you Rated G folks, this is the good kind of "graphic" :)

While at Commoncraft, I thought of some of you who commented last week about how you still surf the web "the old fashioned way." Commoncraft has a wonderful explanation of RSS feeds and how to set one up, and the beauty is that you can rewind the video if you want to repeat any part of it. They also have videos that explain Social Bookmarking, Blogs, and Wikis in "plain English."

If you're looking for entertainment, you might also like to check out Commoncraft's "Zombies in Plain English" video. I think it's just something they did for fun; I enjoyed it (and now feel fully prepared to handle any zombies I come in contact with.) Check Commoncraft out! And let me know if you liked it.

Also in web news, is a finalist for a Webby Award!!! Bookglutton is a favorite of mine, as you can see in this "About Bookglutton" video I made a few months ago. If you can't view it, click on this link: And don't be afraid to VOTE FOR BOOKGLUTTON if you like it!!!
Happy Surfing!


  1. Geez, I had never even heard of twittering before your post. There are times when I realize I am not keeping up so well with the world around me!

    The Zombie video, however, was GREAT! I feel prepared to protect my family now, so thanks for that!


  2. No, MamaBird, I am not Twittering yet. Are you?? It just kind of seems like one more commitment to make, and I'm not sure I'm ready for that!

    Any time, Terri! :) And hey, we moms have to help each other out; keeping up on this Information Highway is tough, and I don't want either one of us to be that little old lady going slow in the passing lane!!


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