Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What If?

In December, my dear sister, Michelle, gave me a most priceless gift; she painstakingly printed each of my blog posts and put them in an album for me. This treasure now resides on the coffee table, where anyone can enjoy when they come over. Since then, I have written about 75 more posts, and I have been trying to shake a nagging fear....

What if, God forbid, my blog just up and disappeared one day? What if I fired up the computer and found a void where my blog once sat? Yes, I've got many of my posts saved on my computer, but I still worried. I've poured my heart and and soul into this blog, and I would be heartsick to have it all disappear. Oh, sure; I'd survive, but I'd need therapy to move on...

Then I started imagining what would happen if the entire Internet crapped out one day. Suppose some terrorist figured out a way to cut a cord and send the entire world into paper-free chaos. Can you imagine it?

We would not be able to do our banking (our money would disappear).

I could not pay my bills; I wouldn't know what they are. I could make phone calls, certainly, but how would they be able to tell me my balances?!

I would lose every single grade I've entered this year (an advantage for some, a disaster for others!)

My kids' lunch accounts at their schools would disappear. (Would this be a bad thing?)

My PayPal account would be gone, not to mention the 300-recipe cookbook I just finished entering on-line.

I would lose touch with every single bloggy friend I have, since I have no contact info saved elsewhere. Wow.

On the bright side, it sure would be quiet. I love it when the power in the house goes out and everything goes absolutely silent (no tv, no refrigerator hum, no dishwasher, washing machine, or sump pump running). It's the best kind of silence, almost deafening. It would be nice to not be able to do my work or to have an excuse not to pay bills.

I'm relieved to say that I finally took the time (Sunday) to copy every single one of my blog posts to an external hard drive. I feel better now.

But just in case, anyone know a way to connect the washer and dryer to the Internet?


  1. ok now i am completely panicked. :)

    i have the same fears...

  2. I read this right before bed? hmm...now I'm filled with the "what if - fear"
    I should copy mine...
    but I'd miss reading your blog and so many others...
    that would just be sad...

  3. Geez...I am too careless!

    I have a 95,000 word novel...two years worth of work, and I keep forgetting to back it up, muchless giving any thought to losing my blog!


    :) Terri

  4. 1. do back ups of all information on your computer.

    2. blogger has a function that will email your blog entries after you publish them to any email you have. i use my gmail account to store my archives off blogger. go to the dashboard, click on settings and then, click email. enter the email address you want to send your archives to and the next published entry will be emailed there.

    3. firefox browser has "foxmarks" that is an online based book mark service. it syncs with the bookmarks on the firefox browser so you can always have your bookmarks regardless of whether you're at your own computer, the public library or in a hotel room with a rental.

  5. As I said yesterday, DW, you are a genius! Thanks!

  6. I'm sure it's just a matter of time before they find a way to connect the washer/dryer to the Internet. The tricky part will be loading them via the net. Good luck with that one.


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