Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Okay, who am I kidding? I could never be "wordless!" This is a photo from several years ago, when Mr.4444 broke his pinky toe as he walked past the couch, hooking one of his incredibly long toes on the edge of it. I'm serious. This man's toes are so long, he can give you "the toe," just for fun. When we went to the hospital that day, they actually put a SPLINT on that toe, believe it or not. Anyway, true to form, I was laughing so hard (yes, that's how compassionate I am) when he showed it to me that when he asked me to take a picture before we left for the hospital, I could not do it; he took it himself. And, no, he wasn't mad at me (he knows me well enough by now to not take it personally). Besides, he got the last laugh when I did the same thing to my own pinky toe, ten years later (sorry, no photo of that one!)


  1. Wowzers... looks like THAT hurt. Great photo.

    And thanks for your awesome comment. It stuck out like a sore thumb. LOL. Very sweet!

  2. Don't feel bad about your lack of compassion. When my dad tore up his shoulder team roping, my brother (who was too young to drive at the time) called my mom to come take him to the hospital. My mom finished watching her tv show, changed clothes and brushed her hair before going to get him (he was at a neighbor's). This wasn't my dad's first big injury and my mom figured he'd call the ambulance if it was too serious.

  3. Having broken my pinkie (on the leg of the bed) i have much sympathy for the poor man.

  4. those toes look nearly as long as my fingers! that must've hurt something fierce. bran broke a toe sometime ago, but they didn't split it and it was one of his longer toes.

    i've never broken a toe and i'm not sure i can. i think they're just to short to break.


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