Saturday, May 17, 2008

Saturday Surfing

In honor of my 200th post tomorrow (yes, I did not get the nickname, "Barbara Jean, the Talking Machine" for no reason!), I am going to share 200 interesting, entertaining facts about me...

I'm kidding, of course!! I don't like LONG lists of "All About Me" stuff. (Sorry if you write them.) I'm just going to mark it quietly and uneventfully. I've decided that I will feature my favorite posts found in my reader today. Since it is quite full, I should have no problem finding good material. Here goes:

For a laugh-out-loud post about childhood mealtimes, check out Yum! Lard! by one of my new favorite bloggers, Sue, who is also one of nine children.

Some adults Sesame Street fans might find this video a bit sacrilegious, but I think it's hysterical! I found it at It's a Schmitty Life.

Feel like crying? Angie's Surprise! post made me sob, but also uplifted me. She traveled this week to Texas, where she met Sara, a mother with whom she shares the unfortunate loss of a child and whom she had not yet met in person. I normally avoid reading blogs that get hundreds of comments per day(just a quirk...), but Angie is my hero, so I can't stay away.

Interested in photos, other cultures, and humor? Check out Meno's pics from her recent trip to Japan, complete with commentary from the always-entertaining Meno. I especially like her post from May 8th, but today's is great, too.

Like shopping, combined with suspense? No, I'm not talking about shoplifting; I'm referring to A Novel Woman's story The Shirt Trump. This girl can tell a good story! (And don't be afraid to scroll down to her amazing photos!

BTW: Message to those of you who do not post every day...THANK YOU. Every time I happen upon an un-updated blog page from my Reader, I thank you from the bottom of my heart that A) I didn't miss anything, and B) I don't have to feel guilty for not keeping "up to date" with my Reader. It's like you are giving me (over achiever blog reader) the day off , and I love you for it!

And on that note, I'd like to propose a National Blog-Free Week, during which we all put down our keyboards (hide the Readers) and clean like maniacs, catch up on the laundry, get some food in the fridge, go out on dates with our significant others, and get some sun on our faces, all without having to worry about missing something in Bloggyville! Who's with me on this?!

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