Saturday, May 24, 2008

Why I wouldn't make a good paramedic (and other random facts)

Ow OW OW!! Okay, Okay! I'll do it! The Mom has tagged me with Ten Random Facts About Me. Here goes:

1) I have a habit of picking up the melody of any song I hear (commercial, kids singing, ring tone) and singing it absentmindedly until someone points it out (and begs me to stop).

2) If we are ever having a party at our house and you trip on a step and launch yourself into the corner molding of the door frame, tearing out piece of your scalp and having to go home with a headache, try not to take it personally if I laugh. That's just what I do when people get hurt; I don't mean to; it just happens.

3) When I switched over to Halo comments, I lost every comment that had been made on my blog previously in Blogger. I almost cried. Thankfully, many of you have helped me heal since then, but I am still a little sad when I go back to older posts and see the comments empty.

4) You'll never see a photo of my long, beautifully polished fingernails, because I chewed them off shortly after our wedding (I grew them for that occasion). Sorry.

5) When Mr.4444 once popped a gold crown off and swallowed it, I encouraged him to puke into a strainer in the kitchen sink (and save hundreds of dollars for a new one.) He obliged, good sport that he is. We laughed til we cried (but did not find the crown.)

6) Mr.4444 lost his job yesterday (company went bankrupt). However, I am not the least bit freaked out about it; I know that it will all work out just fine. Other doors have already opened, and I look forward to a new chapter for him. Last night, he actually slept better than he had in weeks (and I'm sure it wasn't the Jack Daniels.)

7) Our family cookbook, Hungry for More, A Second Helping of Draeger Descendant Favorites (With a Dash of Family History), is at the printers and will be ready in mid-late June. As the editor, I am STOKED! I'll be putting a link up soon for anyone interested in buying one (no pressure!)

8) I'm going to follow Dykewife's recommendation and try homemade "body sugaring" today. I'll let you know how it goes.

9) I don't drink alcoholic beverages. It's not that I don't want to (I will have a sip now and then), but I think I am allergic to alcohol; I get hungover almost immediately, so it's not worth it to me. I guess I'm lucky :)

10) Mr.4444's parents had 1970's his/hers Schwinn bikes (that they never used) hanging in the garage for 30 years, so he took them down and had them tuned up. They have headlights on them, and we like to take them out late at night and go for rides around the neighborhood, which has no streetlights. The faster we pedal, the brighter the lights get. It's good, geeky fun.

I hereby invite you (anyone interested) to follow suit.

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