Sunday, July 6, 2008

As All-American as....

When Kyle was about two years old, he had a favorite "hat." He wore that Cool-Whip container every day for about a year (at home; not at the grocery store! What do you take me for?!), until his head grew too big to fit. In honor this patriotic "season," I thought this would be a perfect time to post these sweet pics from back in the day...

Price of strawberry shortcake: Around $5.00
Thrill that comes from wearing recyclable plastic on your head: Priceless
(I know what you're thinking. Hey, you try keeping a mirror clean with a two-year-old at that height!)
I hope this finds you all safe and sound. (Drive carefully this weekend!)

P.S. And speaking of my messy house, my sister Michelle said something very funny yesterday--When I told her about the recent burglaries in our area and how the thieves were ransacking houses, she affectionately commented, "Well, you're lucky. If they look in your window, they'll think you were already hit!" TOO funny!!

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