Monday, July 7, 2008

A Hero for Moms and Dads Everywhere

This woman is my hero. She's forty-one years old, has a 18-month old baby, and is a strong competitor in the 2008 Olympic swimming trials. She's amazing! Check out this video interview with former and hopeful Olympian, Dara Torres.

Aged Olympians - Dara Torres is 41 & Hot as Ever (VIDEO)

And while we're on the topic of swimming, Bee wrote a great post about pool etiquette. Check it out here. Feel free to recommend other funny "pool posts," and I'll link them here.

Bachelorette Fan? Please send your condolences to Jen at Cheaper Than Therapy; we had a bet, and she lost. (In case you Tevo'd it, I won't blow the ending!) Loser has to send the winner (that's ME) something from her home state. I can't wait to get my prize!! :)

And look who was inspired by My Deepest Shame! Check out Jess's mess transformation! Now, where's yours??

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