Monday, July 28, 2008

Tuesday Tidbits

Lots of little gems today! First up, here's my entry in the Write From Karen Photo Contest! I took this photo of Mark and the kids a few years ago, at our favorite camping spot in the Nicolet National Forest; Franklin Lake. We had just finished setting up camp, and they had run down to the lake to throw a worm in. I love the way it turned out, especially because it is a completely untouched photo. (Can't wait to take one this year, as Kyle is almost as tall as Mark now.)

Voting takes place August 2-6 (I'll remind you!), so don't be afraid to enter your favorite summer photo! The prize is a $25 gift card, and since I know you're taking tons of photos this summer anyway, it's worth entering. For more info, click on this button or the one on my sidebar.Finally, I want to share two recent, entertaining, original, (brief) blog posts from two of my favorite part-time bloggers. I figure if they get a little comment luv, it will motivate them to post their genius more often! Find out why Kandee's new pool is taking so long to be built, and check out Michelle's hilarious fashion critique of "Dork-Leg" Jeans. And if those two don't make you laugh (or at least smile), you might need more than a blog post, but try reading Bee's Things I Absolutely Cannot Do Without. I laughed so loud that Mr.4444 and Kyle looked worried.

There. As Mom would say, "Now, don't say I never offered you nuthin'."

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