Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Web 2.0 and Zombies 101

Many people have expressed confusion over what "Web 2.0" is all about. In case you missed my post on the Cre8buzz "Anthill," I thought I would take some time here to explain Web 2.0, so you can stop feeling stupid when people use the term. I am no computer expert, but I think I know enough to make it understandable for normal people like me. (And yes, I think I AM normal, thank you very much!)

Social networking sites, blogs, bulletin boards, Social Bookmarking, podcasts, Twitter, and wikis are just some of many Web 2.0 tools people can use to network and communicate. To me, they are the "toys" I can use to experience the web to the fullest. They're called Web 2.0 because they are the new technologies that have been developed to enhance the Internet experience and to use it to its fullest extent. New Web 2.0 tools are developed every day.

This is just the basic definition for people like me, who just want to have fun on the web. People who have businesses to grow would be foolish not to understand the wealth of opportunity that Web 2.0 tools provide. I've used for the links in this post; they do a fantastic job explaining concepts. Here comes the Zombie part of this post: Commoncraft also has a very funny explanation of Zombies, which I have posted in the past but is worth a replay! In fact, I will post it here for your viewing pleasure at the end of this post!

I learned about Web 2.0 when I took a class last summer. It was a lot of fun, and one of the projects I had to do for the class was explore one of the tools, use it, and report back. That, friends, led to the birth of Half-Past Kissin' Time! So, no more vapid staring and nodding politely when people mention Web 2.0. You're in-the-know! To be in-the-know about Zombies, watch this:

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