Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments includes bits and pieces that are too small to stand alone, but too good to throw away! For more about Friday Fragments, click on the green button.

...You know how you're always imagining what you'd do with a vegetable that could be fun and entertaining, as well as nutritious? Michelle wondered that, too, this week. Check it out. (She won first prize!)

Advice...Dear Middle School Parent: Just a little tip for you...the next time you are meeting your child's teacher for the first time, you might want to get high after the meeting, rather than coming into the meeting in a cloud of weed. I'm just saying...

Humor-A co-worker of mine got a phone call from her husband (also at work.) It seems he got to work, and a female coworker looked incredulously at him and said, "Are you wearing women's jeans??!" Yes, he had accidentally put his wife's jeans on and left for work (thinking they were a little tight because they had just come from the dryer.) How's that for funny!?

Recommendation for pet lovers...This brush is expensive, but I can't say enough about how incredibly effective it is. I bought one last week and have been blown away by how much hair I've gotten off of our golden retriever and our cat. It has a money-back guarantee, so you can't lose. I bought ours at a local pet store, so I'm sure you could find one near you as well.

Fun...Know little ones who enjoyed running through the sprinkler this summer? Here are some you might not expect (found on Birdie's blog this week).

Weekend Plans... In keeping with "Labor" Day, I'll be working this weekend, but I plan to fit in some fun, as well. How about you?
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