Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Coke Dealer

Diet Coke is my drug of choice, and McDonald's is one of my dealers. I'm okay with that. However...

I think I've figured out why McDonald's keep up-selling those ENORMOUS Diet Cokes. Prior to last week, I used to just say, "Sure!" and pay only a dollar for a lot more soda. (Hey, the more Diet Coke, the better!) But then I got to thinking about it... Promotions, fine, but why would McDonald's continue such a promotion, month after month? They can't possibly be making more money on the bigger drinks. And who goes to McDonald's just because they sell 1/2 gallon Cokes? And then it dawned on me; it's not McDonald's; it's Coca-Cola.

My theory (and it is just that) is that Coke wants to be #1 in its industry. They are competing with Pepsi, right? They want to sell more soda (ounces of soda, not bottles or cans). So, they figured out that we'll buy a 1/2 gallon of soda for a buck (and not drink most of it) but they can sell a lot of it; so much that they are on top of the soda sales mountain.

So, until I know otherwise, I've decided to stop saying yes to the "Suggestive Selling." I'm not going to be some willing pawn in a marketing game. I never, ever drink the whole large soda, anyway. I'm sticking with my Medium Diet Coke until someone tells me I'm wrong about this.

And yes, I know it corrodes my insides and that it will be the death of me.

But I will die happy...

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