Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Saving Face

See this face? Did you notice those horrible teeth! (I had to avert my eyes; they're so disturbing!) Such teeth could not possibly represent the great country of China, even if the voice that came from behind the teeth was the voice of an angel. So, the Chinese government decided to get a body double. Remember the adorable little girl in the red dress, singing at the Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics in China? Yes, she was lip syncing, because the Chinese government was "concerned with the interests of the nation.”

"It appeared that while the seven-year-old child's voice could not be faulted, her crooked teeth were not deemed suitable for a ceremony required to show a flawless China."

Some are concerned for poor Yang Peiyi's self-esteem; something tells me the Chinese government isn't all that concerned about the self esteem of its citizens. Lucky for Yang, she is probably brainwashed enough to not be too offended. She told reporters that is was "still an honor" to represent her country with her voice. What kind of a jackass reporter asks her, "How do you feel about being so ugly that your country didn't want your face shown in the ceremony?" (I'm just guessing that's what he/she said to get a response like that.)

All this said, I find it hard to believe that in a country with 1.3 billion people, they have no cute kids who can sing. They say that Yang is a rising star in her country. That's great. Let's hope the Chinese government takes care of getting her some braces, for her sake.

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