Sunday, August 3, 2008

Seven Things

I've been tagged by Momto2boys to do the "Seven Things" meme. It's been a while since I did this last, so I am up for it!

1. I was on bedrest for 3 months with "pre-term labor" when I was pregnant with Kyle 16 years ago. This was before the Internet, and Mr.4444 traveled a lot for his job. Add to that the fact that we lived in Upstate New York (isolated from family in Wisconsin), and you have three very long months. There's much more to this story; seven hospital stays and much other drama, but that's for another pregnancy post.

2. I nearly died on the table during my C-section to deliver Kyle. The spinal "ran high," and instead of numbing me from the waist down, paralyzed me from the neck down.) I could not breathe, thought the anesthesiologist didn't know, and panicked so much that I finally surrendered and began to look for "the light." They ended up *bagging me through the delivery. Fortunately, there were no lasting physical effects, and my pregnancy with Kendall three years later was textbook-wonderful.

3. I am really torn about changing back to Blogger for comments. When I switched to Haloscan, I lost all of my preceding comments. I'm afraid that if I go back, I'll lose all of my Haloscan comments, and that would make me sad! :( I also do not like that when you click to make a comment in blogger, you are taken away from the post itself and can't easily refer back to it. If you voted for the switch (61% of voters did), please tell me why, okay? That might seal the deal.

4. This ones' more about Mom, but it's cute. She's a Great Depression baby, so she's very frugal. I have some $5 coupons for a new Science Diet cat food, so yesterday, I asked Mom what type of food she feeds Jimmy Cat. She replied, "Oh, let me see....The good stuff--you know; Meow Mix." Too cute.

5. Mr.4444 and I dated for SIX YEARS before I finally managed to drag him down the aisle to marry me, 18 years ago. Once we had tied the knot, he became a major advocate for marriage, but getting there was really tough! He is a terrific husband and father, and I am very, very happy.

6. I am not a big fan of dogs, but I feel strongly that a boy needs a dog, so I gave my blessing to get Cooper seven years ago. It's not the dog that I mind so much, but the obligation to an animal; I resent having to clean puke off the floor in the middle of the night, having to get up early to let the dog out, and having to run/drive around looking for him when he takes off occasionally. I prefer cats (except that our current cat has been hocking up hairballs far too often lately; he's on his last leg, so I forgive him.)

7. I have a little-known talent; I can fit my fist in my mouth! I took photos last week, but every single one looked obscene, so I deleted them (sorry).

If I've missed anything you were dying to know about me, feel free to ask!

RULES of this Meme:
First, share 7 facts about yourself.
Next, tag 7 people at the end of your blog by leaving their name and a link to their blog.
Last, let them know they're tagged by leaving a link in their blog.

I hereby tag the following (follow suit if it tickles your fancy, but don't feel obligated) :

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*Bagging-Using one of those black bag thingies you see on E.R. to inflate my lungs for me.

P.S. Please tune in tomorrow for my WEEKLY WINNERS post!!!

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