Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments includes bits and pieces that are too small to stand alone, but too good to throw away! For more about Friday Fragments, click on the green button.

See these two love birds? Nicki and Yes are getting married this weekend! And the really cool thing is that Mr.4444 and I are there to share in the lovefest!! If you love wildly romantic proposals and engagements, start with this post by Yes (Jan 2007) and wander about on his blog.

Talent Find.....WOW! Wow! When I saw this video response from Zoe's Dad to my new rule about accepting awards, I was blown away! Check out his amazing Stupid People Trick! (The video is at the end of the post.)

A poignant post can be found on my friend Kandee's blog this week; she poured out a story that shows her vulnerability and strength. Thanks, Kandee (and I hope you figured out how to get those comments working again!)

Suspicion...Google Analytics claims that more than 75 people read my blog every day. How in the world could that be true? Could 80% of my readers be lurkers (people who read, but do not usually comment)?? I just can't believe that. Just in case, I've made a little bribe gift for you lurkers out there, because I love you SO much! Here you go. Feel free to grab this button and put it on your blog so that others know that you may not always be commenting, but you are very loved and appreciated nonetheless. (And you could leave a comment here...just a "Hi" maybe? to let me know you got it :o) P.S. The button is not linked to anything; there are no "strings attached."
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