Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Fragments

Welcome to Friday Fragments, a great way to unclutter your mind with the gems you've thought of all week that were too short for a post, but too good to discard! Click on the FF icon to learn more.

...I found this to be wildly entertaining and hilarious. Check out PapaTV's The Fuglies.

Tears...I came down from that hilarity when I realized this week that my local McDonald's has switched from fake, "gas station" cappuccino to the real kind! How dare they!? That makes me very, very sad, as I enjoy the syrupy sweet goodness of a 1/2 coffee-1/2 capuccino, but now I'll have to get out of my car and walk into a gas station to get it! Grrrrr!

Silliness...Look! I won the Silly Goose Award as a result of my performance in this week's Thesaurus Thursday! It's pure silliness, and I highly recommend you play next week. Thanks, Mighty Mom!

Blogjoyment...I've come across two new bloggers this week (or new to me, anyway), and they are definitely worth sharing... First, Cookies, Chaos & Conversation. Her TWT photo yesterday is AWESOME, and she's very funny. If you're in the mood for deep, introspective, poignant stuff, thought, visit Imez at The Weird Kid. She's brilliant.

Truth...I was going to put up a meme that I saw elsewhere. In fact, I actually completed it (the list of 30 quick things), but then I thought, "Do people really want to read this?!" Seriously; what do you think when you see those things? Honestly, I think, "Oh MAN! I do not care about what kind of tv you have or what your favorite color is; I do not want to read all that!" and I just skim it, unless I really love the person (yes, Birdie, I read yours :) So tell the truth; do you really read those, or are you a skimmer? (and no, I'm not going to post it; I've already deleted it.)

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