Saturday, September 20, 2008

Here's a Tip

The next time you decide to have a few drinks
and a "friend calls"
and you get in a heated argument
over politics,
and you hang up on him,
then proceed to rant about him
for the next 10 minutes,
criticizing his many character flaws
and weaknesses,
and level of intelligence,
and talking about what a loser he is
and a drain on society... sure the phone is actually hung up.

Poor Mr.4444; he doesn't know whether to feel guilty or liberated. Honestly, I don't believe he said anything that wasn't true, but typically, interventions are done a bit more gently. (Hopefully, the guy can handle it.)

In true form, I LdMAO when we realized what had happened. I really don't think it's funny; I'm just SO relieved that it wasn't me.

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