Sunday, September 28, 2008

Middle School Moments

I assume that everyone has a "middle school moment;" one of those that sticks in your head forever. Here's mine.

Danielle lived on my same block; I could cut through the back yards to get to her house, though I didn't often go inside (her white German Shepard scared the crap out of me, always resenting my presence in their house and making it quite evident by following me around, growling.) Danielle and I had been friends since Kindergarten.

Becky, too, lived nearby. I played at her beautiful house now and then, but mostly we were school friends. Becky's family had money; she told us that her grandpa was VP of SuperFamous soda company. I was pretty sure her parents didn't want her hanging out at my house. (I didn't resent that; I understood it.)

For years, we had walked home together, Danielle, Becky, and I. At the corner by my house, we said goodbye. On most days, Danielle and Becky continued on, but on Wednesdays, one of them would casually ask, "Do you think your mom made bread today?" (Mom always made bread on Wednesdays.) But I digress.

That 7th grade year, Danielle and I sensed that Becky was distancing herself from us. She had always been a little bit "better" than us, so it came as no shock when she more and more had reasons not to walk home with us. Finally, one day, as we stopped to say goodbye at my street, she broke it to us,

"Hey, um. I just wanted to tell you guys that I'm not going to walk home with you anymore."

[Insert silence and raised eyebrows here.]

"I want to be popular. I want to get in The Group. I want to be invited to parties. So, I'm not going to be friends with you anymore, okay? Bye." And off she went.

That's how Becky broke up with us. And she went on to get in The Group. And she was happy, apparently, because she never talked to us again.

At least she was honest...

What's your middle school moment?

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