Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Another Excuse

Due to technical difficulties, Mrs. 4444 will not be posting tonight. She is at Mom's house and unable to hack into the neighbors internet service. That damn neighbor needs to get a stronger signal!
She asked me to type the few sentences above. Then I hung up the phone and typed the rest of the stuff. I'm so sneaky.
This is Mrs.4444's sister, Michelle (http://secondchance4me.blogspot.com/). Since she gave me her password, I will use the opportunity to sabatage her blog with love. If you are reading this, you are probably a fan of her. Which makes you a really smart person. Every loving, positive thought you have about her is absolutely accurate. She is a real human. She is every bit the beautiful person you think she is. She is a Superwoman who does it all, and does it very well. I have always looked up to her and have admired every inch of her. Every day, she does approximately 10,842 things for other people. She is the only person I know who can be so completely giving of herself, yet still attend to her own needs and retain her strong sense of self. Right now, she is at Mom's, wiping her butt and giving her a sponge bath instead of blogging to you people. Ok, I embellished a bit. Mom can wipe herself. But I tell ya, if she couldn't, Mrs.4444 would get right down there and Git Er Done. I love you, Sis! Thanks for all you do!
Hurry back home... your fans await you.

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