Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Fragments

"My parents checked out of their parenting gig when I was probably 10. They followed other more worthwhile pursuits. I was cast adrift on a sea of self-doubt and loneliness with a shoreline of despair in my sights."

This powerful quote is an excerpt from a post from Four by 40, who has bravely written of her personal experience with abortion many years ago. I found her story moving, educational, and powerful. To read the series, start here.
If you haven't read my post, Bent, But Not Broken, (my friend Molly's story, posted last Saturday) I strongly encourage you to do so; it will be one of the best posts you have read; I promise.
I laughed and laughed (til I cried) this week at this hilarious comment from Monica on Melissa's blog, Stretch Marks:

In order to avoid a long, drawn out explanation of why kids couldn't be in the hot tub i told my then 7, 5 and 3 yrd olds that they couldn't be in the hot tub because their livers weren't fully formed and they would cook. Worked like a charm.

The guilt didn't set in until my 7 yr old started crying later that night, after he realized he was sitting with his back against his grandmother's heating pad. "cooking his liver."

For more "Mommy Confessions," read here.
Dear ARP at the Teacher In-service,
I know you think you were the only one with more important things to do than listen to the training on Crisis Intervention and Prevention, but your incessant talking (out loud) to your seatmate was so annoying that I almost needed the Crisis Intervention training to deal with you. Yes, it was required. Obviously, you're a genius intervener already and don't need the training, so next time; do your nails, pick your nose, read a book, do a crossword puzzle, solve a Soduko puzzle, or write a blog post, but do the rest of us a favor and please SHUT UP!

Okay. I feel better now.
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