Thursday, October 23, 2008

Three Blind Mice

Charlie has three new friends. They are of the rodent variety, but hey; a friend's a friend. He came to school on Monday, full of his story about how he found three baby mice in a trash can last Saturday and has been "helping them survive," because "their mother abandoned them." He told me about the eye dropper he and his mom used to feed them milk mixed with honey.

Charlie asked me what I thought he should name them. I told him something short (like their probable lifespans, JUST KIDDING). However, I did tell him gently that he needed to expect that they might not make it; babies need to eat often, and they might not be strong enough to go all day without food. A light went on in Charlie's head, and he said, wide-eyed, "I know! I could bring them to school, in a box! Do you have a little cage I could borrow?"

You already know what I said to that! Sorry, Charlie; this school has enough mice already (thankfully not in my classroom, but I've heard tales...) I suggested that he instead bring in a photo of the babies. He replied, "I promise I'll do my best to get a picture."

Charlie has been walking on air; he cannot not stop talking about the mice. He looked up "mouse care" on the Internet and drew a mouse for his graphing assignment today. Each day, he rushes home to check on the babies. So far, so good.

Man, I hope they make it.

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