Wednesday, October 8, 2008

To be a fly on the wall...

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If you could go back in time and be a witness to a personal or historical event, what would it be?

I’d like to be a fly on the wall of the delivery room when I was born, just to see my mom, as I’m sure she was her funny self, in spite of the circumstances. (Plus, it being her seventh delivery, she was probably singing and entertaining the nurses or something like that.)

I’d like to go back my dad’s childhood and observe his life on the farm in Stiles, Wisconsin, during the Great Depression. His parents were strangers to me; I’d like to know more about them personally. I’m also kind of fascinated about the people of that era; what they were like. I know that they were a tough lot; it would be an honor to bear witness to what it was really like.

I’d like to see my ancestors as they arrived at Ellis Island (They were likely in steerage.) To see their faces and know what was going on in their hearts as they made that journey would be something else.

One thing I’m grateful for is that I am a woman of the 20th-21st centuries; so many opportunities, yes, but mostly for the freedom to be me. When I imagine what I would have been like, had I lived 100 years ago, I cringe. Having to live and breathe for your husband (having to have a husband at all) doing all those damned chores by hand, keeping my mouth shut in the presence of men, etc. YIKES! I love my generation and would never want to go back to stay, but I wouldn't mind a visit...
Comments I didn't want to lose before re-posting this:
From Dysfunctional Mom..
I'd want to be there when my Native American ancestors were alive......not a particular event, just that time frame.
And when my mom was a child, just to see her that way.

From Gayla...Now that is a freaky one, wanting to be there when you were born. lol No way would I have wanted to be there when my mom said "Orval, next time I'll give you a boy" And no, she didn't give him that boy ever!! lol

I would love to go back and know my dad's mother. I never met her. She told my Aunt that she was sure my mom was pregnant. Then she died unexpectedly a week later (in the room that would become my bedroom). A few weeks later my mother found out she was pregnant.

Growing up I never looked like anyone in my family. But then my dad came across a picture of his mother when she was around 18. It was a ringer for me. We looked so much alike at that age it is scary now thinking about it. But I'm 5'9 and I'm not sure she was even 5'0.

From Kristin...Just two weeks ago I was traveling through the towns where my parents grew up, out in the middle of nowhere in Western Nebraska. My mother & one of my sisters was with me and we were talking about the pioneers riding in their wagons. I told them that I was sure I had lived during those times, but I was also positive that I died the first day of the trip across the plains. LOL I know it isn't funny, but I'm a wuss and I know it. My mother however, she made it over the mountains, or she survived the blizzard or some other heroic event.

Nice to meet you (and what a wonderful post!)

From Me....
Don't know how I managed to offer TWO posts today! OOOPS and DARN! but I'm glad someone found this one

Hello, Kristin! Thanks for popping in. I think I lived back in the day, too; I'm just drawn to olden times, for some reason.

Gayla, that is a cool story about your aunt's prediction; very spooky but kind of cool. I would love to look like one of my ancestors; wow.

DM-yes, that would be an interesting trip back (to see your ancestors). I think it would be good for everyone to see their parents back in the day, too.

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