Sunday, October 5, 2008

Weekly Winners

Weekly Winners the brainchild of Sarcastic Mom. Pop over to her place for more details :)

Bought this hat for my mom years ago; it's one of her favorites. Kendall borrowed it for Heavenly Hats Day at school (Spirit Week) this week. (We raised over $400!) Sorry I can't show you my outfit for Ridiculous Day yet; I forgot to ask someone to take my picture with my camera. Expect to see it eventually....

It was "Spirit Week" at the high school. Kyle and his other Student Council friends came over on Thursday night to mix 36 boxes of pudding in our kitchen (for the pie-eating contest on Friday). While also blowing up about 300 balloons, they got a wild idea to fill one balloon with shaving cream. Of course, they got a little carried away...They are a bunch of hard-working, dedicated kids, and Spirit Day on Friday was a huge success. One parent told me it was "the best Spirit Day in 21 years!" It's 1:14am, and they are still at the high school, cleaning up after the dance tonight (Sat). Think I'll get him up for church?

The neighbors not only got T.P.'d this week; they also got "forked." I'd love to know the origin of this tradition...And last, but not least, I took Kendall and a couple of friends to Goodwill today to shop for Halloween costumes after they found no inspiration at the Halloween Store. Goodwill is GREAT for inspiration, as you can see.They've decided to go as a wedding party (bridesmaid, bride, groom, and a best man who is not pictured, obviously.) For the record, this will be a traditional marriage (the "groom" plans to wear a wig and draw on a mustache :) Kendall said she had a blast trying on wedding dresses. She said, "I can't wait til I get to do it for real; this was fun!" I can't either, as long as the price is right; this one was $19.99!

Have a fantastic week! And stop over at Sarcastic Mom's for more great pics!

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