Sunday, November 23, 2008

More True Love

So Mr.4444 went "to da deer camp" for the weekend, so I'm a Wisconsin "Hunter's Widow" for the time being. Don't worry; while I love him dearly, you won't hear any tears here (or stories about male strippers; reading blogs is all the entertainment I need. I'm happy to report that my reader is EMPTY! Jealous? I thought so.)

Mr.4444 left his computer on for us to use as a 2nd, but Kendall turned it off, so when I went to use it later (to upload a scanned photo and email it to the other computer), I needed to put in a password. Unfortunately, Mr.4444's computer forces a password change every couple of weeks (and I can't keep up), so I was stuck. Normally, Mr.4444 just tells me the new password, and since I couldn't reach him by phone, I decided to try guessing. Ten unsuccessful minutes into the task, I had tried many potential passwords, including the following:

his first name

his middle name

my first name

my middle name

last name

last name nickname (a few variations)



dog's name

dog's nickname

dog's other nickname

cat's name

All of the above, with one or more numbers at the end

street name


city name

state name

coffee (Hey, it makes sense, kinda)

bee (a photo of Kendall, age 4, dressed in a bee ballet costume is nearby)

sex (kind of self-explanatory; he is a guy, after all)


love (worth a try...He does adore me, you know.)









Finally, I gave up.

And then went back and tried "Jack" and "JackDaniels." (I'm happy to report they did not work.) I'm mightily challenged now (and very stubborn, apparently.)

money (again, happy to learn he's not that obsessed)






Do I really know this man?! What the heck?!

Update: Mr.4444 texted the password to me. First (and most important) is my name (no caps!), to get into the computer. (I told you he loves me!!) Second, to get into his email, the password would have been completely impossible for me to come up with: first three letters of his company's name, and three random digits they chose for him. That's my man; adding spice to the marriage by keeping me guessing.

Did I tell you I love that guy??

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